Need a new or used car for Rs. 25 lakhs

The budget we have for the exercise is INR 20-25L. If something is super appealing, we can consider stretching a bit.

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I am wondering if you'd be amenable to providing your $0.02 for my car selection thought process.

If yes, here goes:

I drive a (2016) Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX+ Diesel AT [and love it] and wifey drives a (2008) Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC Petrol MT.

The Honda City is coming up for the road tax renewal (15 years) in a couple of years. We're considering replacing it. It has about 85K, city kms (no pun), on the ODO.

Based on what we end up buying, my wife's okay with driving our Creta and me driving the new/pre-worshipped entrant.

I've always wanted a Toyota Fortuner (even since it costed INR 18-odd lacs many years ago):

  • street creds
  • high stance / ground clearance for long trips
  • 7-seats, in that off chance we need them (not a huge thing for me personally, but it also means better boot capacity with seats folded)
  • fuss-free ownership

Toyota, however, continues to make Fortuner ownership unaffordable with each passing year, and the ride quality continues to give pause.

The budget we have for the exercise is INR 20-25L. If something is super appealing, we can consider stretching a bit.

With XUV700 launch around the corner, it would be a good option. Dunking 20-25 on a Mahindra though, not sure. And, with quality control issues with Mahindra and Tata cars (rusted door frames, electronic failures, etc.), really not sure. I would love Mahindra to turn it around with XUV 700 but don't want to be the guinea pig on the first batch to find out if they have or haven't.

I'd go with a pre-worshipped German if I believed I'd be happy with the maintenance costs every year. I know I wouldn't.

Because we have a Creta, several similar cars such as Seltos, Compass (arguable), etc. are automatically disqualified.

I won't be seen driving an MPV, so that excludes Innova and Carnival.

I'd consider a used Endeavour 3.2 4x4 AT but the following give me pause:

  • spare parts availability down the line, given that the 3.2-spec engine has been discontinued
  • American brand longevity in India, Ford almost has the tail out of the door (per rumors, precedents and reconstruction of facts)
  • fall-from-the-cliff depreciation of Ford cars as they age

I'd happily wait for next year's Fortuner & Everest/Endeavour refreshes, but my patience is not going to be rewarded with the additional monies I'd need to park either of them in my garage.

I looked at some 2015-year pre-worshipped Fortuner models as well, but the dated dashboard technology and bumpy ride quality continue to work against this line of thought.

Test drove the new Safari. The engine response is not too bad but cramped interiors, a heavy low-speed steering wheel and pedestrian interior quality/plastics work against it.

I can understand if you're wondering what does this guy want but I'd appreciate your suggestions and input.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

XUV700 might be worth the wait, but as always with Mahindra & Tata cars, buy 2 - 3 years after launch.

Regarding the pre-worshipped German cars, 1 - 1.5 lakhs a year average on maintainance. If you are fine with that, I would strongly recommend a pre-owned C-Class or 3-Series to you. Think of that 1 - 1 .5 lakhs maintenance a year as "satisfy the petrolhead in me" money.

The Endeavour should be your top choice. It's a phenomenal SUV. Good engine, presence, comfy ride quality (unlike the Fortuner), loaded with equipment and timeless design. There are enough of them on the road for dealers & after-market vendors to offer parts support. Don't worry about that.

More options = used Kodiaq / Octavia / Superb / Passat. Get a 2 - 3 year old car, extend the warranty to 6 years and its almost zero risk.

Here's what BHPian vigsom had to say on the matter:

If you're willing to stretch that budget a wee bit, you could look at good 2017 Fortuners. Just be wary of abused examples. Although rare, there will be low run examples in the market, and you wouldn't be disappointed with the resale price when you want to sell again. The fact that the prices of new Fortuners is always on the rise makes used ones hold value well too.

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