Need suggestions: Modifying the seat of my new Thar for better comfort

The primary problem is that the side of the seat cushion being raised too much.

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I'm a hefty fellow that has a New Thar. Needless to say, the bucket seat in the Thar isn't really for a plus-sizer and while it's not too bad, I just feel it could be a bit more comfortable. The primary problem being the side of the seat cushion being raised too much.

Before I consider changing the seat or losing weight, is there a simpler solution?

Are products such as these worth it ? Or do they cause long term harm to the back?

I could try with a simple regular pillow or a folded bedsheet to make the seat flatter, but again not sure what long term impact on the body.

Should I just go for a seat change?

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Lose weight, bud. 100 more benefits than just being more comfortable while driving.

Before you swap seats, you can try visiting a seat upholstery expert and having him re-do the driver's seat (only) first. So, you can always compare to the stock passenger seat and keep improving. I have rebuilt my Jeep's seats thrice in the after-market to very satisfactory results. Just look for an experienced vendor who understands seat support & cushioning.

Don't keep the compound too soft. Medium (leaning on firmer side) is better for support IMHO.

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If side of the seat cushion being raised too much is the only concern, I suggest to try for a while with what ever aftermarket solution you posted and modify the OE seats with preferred contour and height by adding additional foam and redoing the cover. Any upholstery shop should be able to perform this modification.

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Are you talking about the sides of the sitting area or on the backrest?

If it is the former, those paddings are very weak and would lose their shape in some time. When I went to get my seat cover done, the guy replaced the foam in that area with better quality material so that it retains the shape. Same way you can opt for replacing that part with flatter padding if you prefer. Just go to a good upholster and make sure they use good quality material.

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The Thar is a pretty wide car. The most ideal, comfortable and cheaper solution for you would be to get used seats of a luxury sedan/suv and retrofit them into the Thar.

Will cost you ~25-30k but you will get some sexy luxury seats, with electric/memory settings, pure leather and what not.

In Coimbatore, Ukkadam market is a right place to purchase.

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