New Himalayan 450 v/s all other ADV bikes: Back-to-back test rides

I took a test ride of the RE Interceptor 650, RE Himalayan 450, Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi scrambler and KTM 390 Adventure, all in 3 hours.

BHPian GKU recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Coming back from a test ride marathon. I took a test ride of the Interceptor 650, Himalayan 450, Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi scrambler and KTM 390 Adventure, all in 3 hours. Luckily all these showrooms were within a 5 km radius of my home. I will exclude the Interceptor and Yezdi scrambler from this discussion.

I was the 2nd person to take a test ride from this showroom today. it was a Kaza brown Himalayan 450. The test ride was short -15 minutes, ~ 3 km, within the city. I am no expert rider, just a motorcycle enthusiast. These are just my observations and nowhere close to being verdict. I may change my views based on further experience.

  • Sat on the bike, felt I was sitting on something substantial (superbike kind of)
  • Slightly opened the throttle while in 3rd gear, I felt no adrenaline rush! (I had experienced an adrenaline rush in Interceptor 650 a few minutes back) but the bike was quick and likeable during this moment.
  • The next thing I noticed was engine heat, Not sure how the previous rider had ridden it, but within 50 meters of me riding, I noticed substantial heat on both my legs (was wearing jeans).
  • Went over a slightly bad patch of road, suspension was pure delight, and a very plush riding experience.
  • Vibrations were present at the fuel tank, handlebars and footpegs, these vibrations were very much noticeable throughout the rev range till ~ 4000 RPM( max I could go ).
  • I Faced slight traffic congestion, and I felt this bike lacked agility and nimbleness (I was not confident enough to manoeuvre in a narrow passage, maybe it would take some time, I took little time in my Duke 200 also ).
  • Throttle response and power delivery is linear and predictable.
  • Foot pegs were indeed an issue while tiptoeing.

Now subjective rating of Himalayan compared to other ADVs I tested today.

  1. Ergonomics 9/10 - 390 ADV 10/10 , Yezdi ADV 9/10
  2. Suspension 10/10 - 390 ADV 9/10 , Yezdi ADV 5/10
  3. Throttle response and Power delivery under 4K RPM (linear is likable) 10/10 - 390 ADV 8.5/10, Yezdi ADV 9/10
  4. Agility and nimbleness 7/10- 390 ADV 10/10, Yezdi ADV 8/10
  5. Vibrations 7/10 - 390 ADV 8.5/10 / Yezdi ADV 10/10
  6. Fun to ride 7/10 - 390 ADV 10/10, Yezdi ADV 8/10
  7. Overall look and feel /Build Quality 9/10 - 390 ADV 10/10, Yezdi ADV 7/10

If I understood the bike language correctly, this is what each bike said to me while riding (Admins, kindly delete if it is not appropriate)

  • Himalayan: Please don't rev, I don't like it. I am giving you sofa-like comfort, why you want to rev. just go over that bad patch, and see how comfortable I am. I don't like a lot of people around me, kind of introverted, take me to highways I guarantee 100% fun.
  • Yezdi ADV: Do whatever you want, I am like this, I am not going to change, I am cheaper than all the other folks you see. I may not be the best but I am certainly good. I am doing most of the things right. do you agree? please say you agree, say it.
  • 390 ADV: Dude, do you see a thing on your right hand, do you even see it? twist that, no not enough, twist harder, won't let you down, see. You see that corner, go faster, lean. Do you even know how to ride a bike?

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