Nissan to launch connected car technology in Indian portfolio

Nissan is bringing connected car technology to its cars in India. Media reports suggest that the Micra, Sunny and Terrano will receive new features in the connected car domain, with the official launch expected in July, 2017.

Detailed information regarding the said update isn't available yet. However, Nissan is expected to introduce a smartphone app, which will offer connectivity solutions with the company's cars. Through this app, owners are likely to be able to communicate with the car. The app is also expected to come with vehicle diagnostic features and will even offer service reminders and GPS tracking to the owners.

Additionally, through the upcoming technology, Nissan will be able to keep track of its cars on the road. This will allow the automaker to access data regarding the car's running and condition. It will thus enable the automaker to establish more concrete connection with its already sold cars and is expected to enhance the company's ability to diagnose and rectify any issues in advance.

Source: Autocar India

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