Nissan Leaf scores 5 stars in updated Euro NCAP crash tests

The Nissan Leaf become the first car to be tested under the updated Euro NCAP norms. The electric hatchback managed to score a 5-star rating in the crash tests.

Euro NCAP has updated its testing methodology for 2018. It includes new sections like cyclist detection, lane-keeping assist and pedestrian detection in the dark as well as revised tests for autonomous emergency braking (AEB). New sections for safety assist systems in a car now include ESC, seatbelt reminders for all occupants, speed assistance, lane assist and high-speed AEB tests.

The cyclist detection was thanks to a grant of the Dutch government to develop a protocol for the detection of cyclists. Euro NCAP makes use of a cycle mounted on a moving platform with an articulating dummy that can mimic the pedalling action. Tests include a cyclist coming perpendicular to the car as well as one going in the same direction of the car. In case of pedestrian safety, tests are designed to factor in pedestrians jumping out of parked cars, kids and those walking parallel to the car. It uses a revised dummy and tests are repeated in low-light conditions.

Changes in the AEB include an updated target car, which is stationary, slow moving or stops suddenly to gauge the system’s response. Speeds up to 80 km/h are used. There is an additional emphasis on safety assist systems including lane departure warning, blind spot warnings and speed assistance including adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking systems. 

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