No Skoda service centers in my part of TN: Do I still buy the Kushaq?

I like that Kushaq and was planning to buy the 1.0 TSI automatic.

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I am from Chennai and I do travel a lot down south, especially on the eastern belt - Chengalpet, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam, Kumbakonam & Thanjavur.

When I checked the list of service centers of Skoda in TN, except Chennai, all of them are in central TN or western TN - Vellore, Erode, Salem, Coimbatore (western belt) and Trichy, Madurai, Tirunelveli (central). There is not even one service center mentioned for the entire eastern belt of TN.

I like the car and I was planning to by 1.0 AT (no DSG, never!). Is the Kushaq reliable on all roads (at legal speeds) that I don't have to worry about being stranded and that there are no service centers?


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I have an Octavia and have traveled the length and breadth of South India and Konkan belt for last 6 years. The car have never let me down, and this is never my worry even when I take those secluded forest routes.

However, the fact is Skoda will not have service coverage outside cities similar to Maruti, Hyundai or even Tata / Mahindra. So that's a risk that you will carry when you buy Skoda, Jeep, VW or any other small players.

After the initial niggles, we haven't heard much complaints about the Kushaq. But the risk will still be higher for Skoda in case of a breakdown compared to major players. So its a calculated risk that you have to take.

If in your place, I would have definitely gone ahead with the Kushaq.

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I don't think proximity of the service centre will have that much impact on RSA. Your day would more or less be ruined. In other words, it makes no sense to buy an unreliable car just because there are service centres in every town. Towing service is what matters the most. The likelihood of a breakdown due to tire bursts, broken roads, accidents, etc. is far higher than a "check engine light" type of problem. Whether you are driving an Innova or a Kushaq, you should always have a contingency plan to deal with exceptions.

Obviously VW cars are not as reliable as say Toyota cars. Upto 60-80K km, there will not be much difference between VW and other brands. As you clock higher mileage, the reliability differences become significant. VW also tends to be expensive to repair outside of warranty.

You will have to assess your risk appetite and take a call. If you need the car to clock 2 lakhs of kms without a sweat, stay away from VW. If you are a car guy, want a nice-to-drive car and your expectation is to use it for 80-100K km, I think you will do just fine taking on a little risk with the Kushaq 1.0 AT. It's certainly a good package in the current market.

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When in doubt, exercise caution. A car is meant to be driven all over with ample support should things go wrong. Especially in this case where we are talking about cars for everyday use. If the areas of TN you most frequently traverse do not have sufficient Skoda service centers, please don't buy a Skoda. The fear and anxiety of getting stranded will negate any joy you might experience. Skoda is among the most notorious for its reliability. This is well known. In your case, I would recommend against buying a Skoda.

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I have owned 3 different Skoda cars over the last 12 years - Fabia (TDI), Rapid (1.6 MPI) and a Yeti (TDI). These cars have been driven a cumulative 2 lakh kilometers till date through highway and city traffic and so far I have never been left stranded due to lack of a service centre.

Keeping the cars on a scheduled service regimen with a combination of safe driving practices ensures reliable performance from these machines.

All my cars are manual and I cant comment on DSG though.

I recommend you go ahead with your decision without thinking too much about the spread of service centres.

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I think you are over-stressing on the service center location point. Example: Skoda doesn't have a center in Thanjavur but Trichy is just about 50 kms away. Similarly, the center in Puducherry would be close enough to Chidambaram and a few more.

If you like the car, go for it and make sure you get extended warranty, a full RSA cover and a good insurance cover with zero dep, return to invoice and engine protection and you'll at least be sorted from a financial cover.

As for the vehicle's reliability, there are numerous threads on Skoda cars (than just Kushaq) and Skoda dealerships that detail out what one needs to worry about and plan in advance.

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