November 16, 2015: Petrol and diesel prices hiked in India

The prices of petrol and diesel have been increased in India from November 16, 2015. The price of petrol has gone up by 36 paise per litre while that of diesel has been hiked by 87 paise per litre.

In Delhi, petrol will now cost Rs. 61.06 per litre and diesel. Rs. 46.80 per litre.

On November 1, the price of petrol was lowered by 50 paise and that of diesel was left unchanged. On November 7, the Government of India announced an increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel. However, fuel companies absorbed the hike and did not change the retail prices of the fuels.

Fuel prices are reviewed every fortnight in India. Prices are hiked or lowered according to international rates and the Rupee - US Dollar exchange rate.

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