Now, Mahindra Marazzo suffers severe DPF issues

I bought a Mahindra Marazzo M6+ on January 30, 2021, and so far, I have faced REGEN/DPF issues 16 times.

Many car owners have been facing REGEN/DPF issues with their BS6 diesel vehicles. This problem seems to be occurring in BS6 diesel engines irrespective of the car model and brand.

Following is the experience of a BS6 Mahindra Marazzo M6+ owner who has encountered the REGEN/DPF issue with his car 16 times over a short span of time.

Hi Team-BHP,

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I am writing this email as you are already aware of many people facing problems with BS6 diesel engines regarding the REGEN/DPF issue.

I bought a Mahindra Marazzo M6+ on Jan 30th 2021 and so far I have faced REGEN/DPF issues 16 times and very frequently. Please find the details below.

Seriously, it has become harassment to me. Now, on the 2nd of October, a breakdown happened when I was travelling with my family on NICE road Bangalore.

After inspecting for 4 days, they have sent me an email as below.

I have asked them for a replacement and they are least bothered about it and are telling me that they can only replace the engine and not provide a replacement for the vehicle or make a refund.

As per the BS6 norms, vehicles should not be driven in certain conditions to avoid REGN/DPF issue. Following is M&M’s reply to the question, “when does REGEN/DPF problem can occur?”

"As explained to you several times, DPF / REGEN process is common in all BS6 diesel vehicles. If the vehicle continues to be driven at any of the following conditions, the accumulated soot may not be automatically removed because of low exhaust temperature.

  • Heavy traffic driving conditions, especially in the city
  • Frequent short trips
  • Low speed for a long time"
Thanks to Rakesh Balasubramanya for sending this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP share page!
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