Oil pressure issues in brand new Mahindra Scorpio (BS6)

Despite multiple attempts to fix the problem on his SUV, it keeps recurring after a few kilometers of driving.

BHPian Fordlover88 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I am sharing plight of my friend who recently got himself a brand new Mahindra Scorpio S11 (BS6) but his ownership experience is becoming sour day-by-day. Neither service centre nor higher management is cooperating with him. I am quoting his experience below.

We bought a Scorpio S11 (BS6) from Star India agencies, Kharagpur West Bengal on 12th august 2021. The vehicle was trouble free till the first service, done at 1000 km from NR Autos, Kolkata. Later on I discovered intermittent blinking of the oil pressure light in the instrument console.

The vehicle was sent to the NR Autos workshop on 4th September. They kept the vehicle for few days and they said as per recommendation of Mahindra's technical team, they have replaced the oil pressure switch and oil pump.

He thought that his problem should be resolved, but alas there's more to follow.

I took the vehicle and after driving few kilometres, the light again started blinking. On the very same day (11th September) sent the vehicle back to NR Autos workshop. They kept the vehicle for 14 days and got back the vehicle on 25th September. They said they have changed the oil pressure switch and modified oil pressure pump and O-ring. They even said they drove around 50 km and no light came on. I personally drove the vehicle with workshop people for 35 km but the light didn't blink. But after driving hundred kilometres, the light again started blinking.

He has shared his plight in social media as well but is yet to receive any feedback from the company. I am attaching few repair pictures & his social media tweets/conversations with the technicians. He is hanging by the thread now not knowing what to do next. BHPians kindly advise the next course of action.

Check out more pictures, screenshots of the issue and BHPian comments.

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