One car per family: Mumbai HC's suggestion to ease traffic


The Mumbai High Court has proposed a 'one car per family' rule in order to ease traffic congestion in the city. This suggestion was made while replying to a public interest litigation (PIL) on worsening traffic conditions and shortage of designated parking spaces in the city. The court has asked the state government to study the feasibility of this rule, and the impact that it can make on the prevalent traffic conditions.

The court's division bench mentioned that unauthorized parking on public roads is a major cause of worsening traffic conditions. Families having multiple cars but just one parking space are forced to park at unauthorized places. Moreover, thousands of commuters that enter the city in the morning and leave in the evening don't have appropriate places to park their vehicles.

Citing the aforementioned issues, the court has thus directed the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, State Urban Development Ministry and traffic police to study traffic woes and come out with probable policies that can be implemented to ease congestion in the city.

In addition to the one car per family rule, the Mumbai High Court has also proposed promotion of inland water transport to fabricate an alternative transportation medium, in order to reduce burden on the city's road system.

Source: ET Auto

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