One year with my Volvo XC40: Pros & Cons of ownership after 8,700 km

Volvo sent out this little note, a nice little gesture to celebrate this occasion.

BHPian gismosin recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Time flies when you are having fun!

It's been one year since I got this baby Volvo home, I still remember the apprehensions I had when buying this car and the amount of research and reviews I went through would have qualified me to get a P.hD from YouTube university.

Now with one year of ownership, I can confidently say, I am quite happy with my choice. I have driven around 8,700 km this last year, lesser than I liked. But those kilometres were enjoyable, trouble-free and full of memories, exactly what you expect from your purchase of good old four wheels.

Also, Volvo sends out this little note, a nice little gesture to celebrate this occasion. Nice touch, the message is as understated as the brand.

So, my thoughts from the last year with the car


  • Great buy, feature-rich car. Especially ADAS. Now, XUV700 revolutionized this and pushed it into the mainstream. While Autonomous driving is not for your regular highways (But if you have an expressway in your neighbourhood, then knock yourself out) However, adaptive cruise control is a blessing on longer drives
  • Segment best for now when compared to hatchback-ish looking GLA with an under-powered engine (Petrol) and an outdated BMW X1 (MY23 might change that, looks impressive in international specs) and the absence of Q3 on roads.
  • Confidence-inspiring ride, at no time, do you feel you are not in control and with enough grunt to get you where you want to go
  • The best music system around in this segment

Not so Pro:

  • Stock maps suck! Absolutely. Heard the new version is getting google maps. For this cost no connected car is offered, again being offered in a new version going on sale around September. No ventilated seats
  • Fuel efficiency is 10 km/l in city and 12 km/l on the highway. So, not very pocket-friendly and the engine can be noisy at times
  • Weak AC vents at the back and lack of physical buttons are felt especially for AC controls

Overall, with everything considered I still think this is a great buy. This car gets my thumbs up!

I have the first service schedules towards the end of the month, and I have not taken any maintenance package (keeping in mind the low mile munching) will keep you posted on how it goes, stay tuned!

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