Ownership experience of the MG Astor after 35,000 km

Initially, I was quite worried about the low performance and power, but guess the car has run-in properly and is now a gem to drive.

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Completed 35000 kilometers with my Astor: My Experience till now

Hey guys, a major update for now: Just broke the milestone of 35K kms in my steed. I must say, a great experience till now! Will be covering all the major work done till now, the cost of running, and my experience below:

My Experience:

It has actually been really great till now. Initially, I was quite worried about the low performance and power, but guess the car has run properly and is now a gem to drive. Sure, there is a lack of power in the CVT variant, but when you slot the gear in sports mode and pin down the pedal, it takes you to another world. Speeds above 120 km/h are confidence-inspiring and the car is very stable. The brakes are absolutely amazing, maybe because of the 4-discs round. I have actually also started to drive hard-footed, and the car surely does not disappoint. The only problem is the deletion of necessary items such as ventilated seats and the auto-dimming IRVM. I'd trade the bot for these features: It's extremely gimmicky and I've stopped using it for a while now. MG has recently deleted Shortpedia from the car, and I'm pretty disappointed: I used to love that feature! So convenient to listen to the news while on the go. Really wish MG re-introduces it. I have got road rage from many premium cars such as A-class and 5 series when I overtook them at high speeds, maybe because of their premium looks that people race to overtake me. But I actually consider it as a positive as comparing my car with high-end cars makes me proud. I absolutely hate the audio system in my car. 6 speakers? What was MG thinking? Even the Nexon now offers 9! Soon for an update, but can manage till that. Also planning to add ambient lighting, but the cost is around 10K for 4 doors, a dashboard, and footwells, so on hold till now. The family loves the sunroof, really a cool feature to have. Never once has the car broken down, and I'm really happy about that. My car's mileage is around 9-10 km/l, definitely improved. I wish MG had provided wireless Android Auto. I hate the cables dangling over. Planning to buy a Carlink soon. Also, I find the storage below the A/C console and touchscreen very small for small items, it really crowds up. The rear seat is quite bad, but my elder kid only complains about low under-thigh support, otherwise all good.

Work done till now:

Front Bumper painting X2 = Rs. 40000
Rear door painting X1 = Rs. 10000
ORVM Cover replaced X1 = Rs. 2000
Tyre replaced X1 = Rs. 200 (Warranty claimed)
Brake Pads Front X2 = Rs. 1500
A/C gas top up = Rs. 100
Fog light replaced X1 = Rs. 4500

Cost of running:

Petrol: Rs. 360000
Service: Rs. 9000
Repairs: Rs. 150000 (approx.)

I hope to have many more happy kilometers with my Astor. Please share your views on ambient lighting and speaker upgrades. Until then, happy motoring!

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