PDI reveals EV spec tyres on my new Audi Q3 petrol: Is this ok

Since EVs are much heavier than ICE cars, EV tyres are a lot stiffer than regular tyres.

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I will be taking delivery of my Q3 Technology on 8th of October 2023. I was at the dealership for a PDI. I found the car standing on "EV" tyres.

I had no idea about EV tyres and hence did some research. There is a lot of good info available about EV tyres.

These are the salient points I could gather:

  • Since EVs are much heavier than ICE cars, EV tyres are a lot stiffer than regular tyres. While this makes the handling sharper, it also makes the ride stiffer in a regular car.
  • There is a lot of attention towards reducing noise. There is a foam lining along the surface of the tyres. The lateral grooves are much smaller. Lateral grooves help in displacing water on wet roads but increase tyre noise in dry conditions. In EVs the weight of the car itself helps in displacing water. Thus, EV tyres on regular cars will have lower noise, but will have poor water displacement and lower resistance to hydroplaning.
  • EV tyres are much heavier than regular tyres, which will make the overall vehicle heavier and will reduce fuel efficiency.
  • EV tyres are designed to handle much more weight and sudden bursts of power and torque. Hence they are expected to last longer on regular cars.

I checked with the dealership and they said all Q3s, Q5s and A4s are coming with EV tyres and these are all Audi approved. I find this hard to believe. I have written to the dealership to take it up with Audi and get the tyres replaced. However, I have my doubts if the dealer will act on it since they already have full payment for the car.

Any suggestions from fellow experienced BHPians?

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

For a fine crossover like the Audi Q3 - where the driving experience is the highlight - I would prefer to go for regular, grippy tyres. Would especially avoid EV-specific tyres on a Q3 Petrol.

You have lots of options in this tyre size - link to a random search. If the Audi dealer isn't giving you any other option, drive straight to a tyre shop and get them swapped. You'll get a good price for the stock tyres if you do it on day 1 itself.

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Here's what BHPian 1.2TSI7DSG had to say on the matter:

 Do note that the rolling resistance of EV tyres is significantly lower rolling resistance and hence the grip. The grip is tuned to the load on the EV weights which because of the contact patch etc have a similar performance. While the normal grips wont be affected, the extreme conditions (snow etc) may be affected.

Here's what BHPian Mak@87 had to say on the matter:

I took delivery of my Q3 Sportback in July 2023. I noticed the EV tyres too, but didn't think much of it. The car was delivered with a Tyre pressure of 44 psi, which I later got reduced after speaking to the Audi Service station guys.

I have driven it on all kinds of surfaces and at all kinds of speed, [Max 130 Kmph], but didn't find anything of concern. The ride is a bit stiff, but that works for me.

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