Petrol automatic dilemma: MG Hector CVT vs Jeep Compass DDCT

I like the Jeep Compass Limited, but it commands a steep premium of 5.5L over the Hector CVT.

BHPian manpreetsj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi! I am considering booking Hector Sharp CVT, with the expectation of facelift coming out during the waiting period of 3-4 months (may add ADAS). But before going ahead with booking just thought of exploring Jeep Compass, as I liked the Night Eagle variant recently introduced. On further reading found that Limited makes more sense overall package wise but is 5.5 lakhs more expensive than Hector top model. Hence, please guide on following:

  1. How much discount can one negotiate and get from dealers in DNCR for Limited Petrol AT model? Please share your / friend's experience.
  2. How is the mileage of petrol AT? Similar to that of Hector? I know petrol dct is a cruiser and i am fine with it.
  3. Any report on long term reliability of Compass's DCT? Since it is a dry clutch DCT, historically in India such GB fail over 3-5 years. Clutch replacement cost is close to 80k, is it covered under any insurance or warranty? What should one budget as average maintenance cost over 5 years?
  4.  If I am from Gurgaon, does it make sense to register car in Chandigarh to save 1 lakh? Worth the hassle?
  5. How is the resale value of Compass? I could notice poor resale value for many 2019 Compass, being sold at less than 50% value after only 3 years. My i20 after 5 years is getting almost 60-65% value
  6. If mileage is not a concern and need a cruiser, which one do you recommend - Night eagle/ Limited vs Hector CVT? Features gap is as follows -
  • Hector vs Limited - Even after 5 Lakhs gap - Hector offers extra - Front parking sensors, 360 camera, passenger electrically adj seat, ventilated seats, App features for AC on/off, etc, bigger boot and backseat and may offer ADAS in facelift.
  • Hector vs Night Eagle/Longitude - In addition to above comparison, will loose out further on electrically adjustable driver seats, only 2 airbags, no Electrically adj ORVM, no rain sensing wipers, no panoramic sunroof, no electric tailgate close, no ambient lighting or GPS or wireless charger!

Under both, Compass gives extra - Swag, Jeep branding, slightly better looking car, dual zone AC.

Both lack in service network, however maintenance is cheaper with MG as 70% of material is locally sourced + no DCT


Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Neither of them are driver's cars. In fact, both have slow low-rpm response times and are best driven sedately, rather than aggressively. Keeping that in mind, I would pick the Hector CVT, enjoy the smoothness, space, soft ride quality, features, sound system & cruise comfortably with my family. It will likely be the more reliable gearbox in the long-term too. That 5.5-lakh price difference is huge! The difference could take care of almost all your fuel expenses & maintenance for 5 - 6 years. Plus, there is no doubt that your family will be happier travelling in the Hector vs the smaller cabin of the Compass.

Be sure to check out this excellent Hector CVT ownership report by TheVegabond.

Here's what BHPian AtheK had to say on the matter:

Voted MG hector, for anyone who is looking for a cruiser and a comfortable ride while keeping fuel economy expectation in check, Hector is a no brainer.

Yes few would have reservations around chinese root, but then no matter what you buy these days you are helping China in some way or another. I personally have now moved on from that sentiment, but respect others too who would want to alter there decision on that point. I will personally book Hector in a jiffy if the facelift comes with Auto box in Diesel.

The rattles being widely reported on forums in Jeep is a big big limiting factor too, I just can not live with any sort of rattles in a cabin, and it will be criminal if a new car has rattles within first few months of ownership.

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