Petrolheads & their fast cars celebrate Diwali with a Sunday lunch meet

It was a great bunch of car guys, and we spent the afternoon enjoying the lunch and all sorts of car talks. I really had a great time meeting these guys and discussing cars.

BHPian Dr.AD recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Great cars, a nice drive, a sumptuous lunch, catching up with old friends and meeting new friends, and lovely weather for the whole day! This is how I would remember my last Sunday.

This was a leisurely lunch meet at a plush resort in the outskirts of Bangalore, on a casual Sunday afternoon.

Our good friend and BHPian @robimahanta (aka Robi) was the mastermind behind this meet. Nothing formal. Just a few "car guys" who had been informally chatting with each other in a few groups were brought together in this "car and lunch meet" thanks to the coordination by Robi. Most of the guys are good friends and it was great to meet then. In addition, I also met a few new friends, and that was a wonderful experience too.

We met somewhere in North Bangalore, and then drove together to a resort in the outskirts. The drive was just a short one, and thus, there is not much to describe about the drive itself.

However, the main attraction for me (and I am sure for most others too) was some of the most amazing cars that were part of this meet. We had a full fledged M car, the real "Ultimate Driving Machine", an M5 Competition! And then we had not just one but two full fledged AMGs - One AMG E63S and another AMG E63 (both forum members). And then we had a really beautiful, powerful and a rare car - a Volvo S60 Polestar! And as if these many beautiful and fast cars was not enough, we had two BMW M340i, which are great cars in their own rights! And then to round up the group, we had a few BMW 3 series (three F30s and two G20s), and one Octavia vRS. Finally, just when we were wondering if this was purely a sedan meet, an Audi Q3 joined us to complete the meet.

The Team BHP members attending the meet included robimahanta (BMW M340i), RakishRam (BMW M340i), raz0r (AMG E63S), Nikhilb2008 (AMG E63), itwasntme (BMW 330i), Gaboonviper04 (BMW 330Li), zebo (Octavia vRS), and myself, driving my humble BMW 320d. We were privileged to have three moderators joining us too: Vid6639 (BMW 328i), Ajmat (Audi Q3), and suhaas307 (riding in the Q3).

In addition to these forum members, we had three gentlemen who are proper car guys but not forum members (yet). These gentlemen were driving the M5 Competition, the S60 Polestar, and a F30 BMW 320d respectively.

It was a great bunch of car guys, and we spent the afternoon enjoying the lunch and all sorts of car talks. I really had a great time meeting these guys and discussing cars. Thanks a lot everyone for your time and for the wonderful discussions.

Along with these friendly car guys, we had a fabulous group of fast, beautiful, and colorful cars! I just loved looking at the cars and clicking a few random pictures (for some reason I did not carry my DSLR, and thus all pictures are just casual mobile phone shots). The lunch itself was quite nice. It was a buffet with a massive spread covering multiple cuisines, but the cars were the stars of the day for me for sure!

Anyways, since cars is what connects us and since cars was the main attraction of the day, let me jump straight to sharing a few car pictures that I managed to click.

This is the whole convoy (before the Q3 joined us):

One of the star attractions, the M5C, parked next to Robi's M340i:

The other star attraction, the gorgeous red AMG E63s of BHPian raz0r parked next to the M5C (you can also partially see the white AMG E63 of Nikhilb2008):

The progression of BMW power in one frame (R to L): Vid6639's 328i, Robi's M340i, and the mighty M5C:

Wheels of the BMW progression:

After admiring the cars in the parking lot, walking around and chatting about the cars, we requested a few "special" cars to pose for the camera, and below is the output of that exercise.

The mighty powerhouses that can conquer the world, the AMG E63S (of raz0r) and the M5C:

The new and the old of AMG power, the two generations of E63 AMG (or raz0r and Nikhilb2008 respectively):

The M340i twins in the gang, no less fast and no less furious by any means:

The M340i always deserves a solo shot. This is RakishRam's machine:

And this is robimahanta's:

And finally, to wrap us the car shoot, the absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, blue S60 Polestar:

Did I mention we also had a good lunch? Yeah the lunch was great but it was overshadowed by the amazing machinery that was parked outside. For the sake of records, allow me to share a sole lunch photo.

Fresh hot and tasty chaat in that nice setting symbolizes the good lunch we had:

Well, that is all from my side. It was a great day made memorable by the lovely cars and the friendly owners that I met. Thanks a lot everyone for the great day!

I hope others add their pictures and their experiences too. Looking forward to those.

Thanks for reading!

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