Pics: My Kia Carens gets a rear bumper guard & floor lamination

Selected toughened ABS plastic for the rear guard, not too heavy, and will not safeguard from any major impact.

BHPian ptaneja recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A small update!

Rear Guard

Got a rear guard installed. Selected toughened ABS plastic, not too heavy, and will not safeguard from any major impact. This is useful in only day to day bike/scooters touching the bumper at red lights.

  • Looks are of course subjective - but none look good, just that it is beneficial.
  • Also, rear guard is not objected by traffic police, and does not affect any sensor/airbags/rear camera etc.
  • Cost - 3500 including installation.

Interior Lamination

Second update being that the inner dashboard glossy black, grey section on dashboard, all door grey areas, glossy black around gear and steering section are laminated.

  • I am finally able to get rid of horrible white company fitted film around HU. Work done is awesome, unless closely monitored the film is unrecognizable. Would gladly recommend this to NCR folks if need to get it done.
  • The guy has promised a shelf life of about 24 months.
  • Cost - 1500 for everything.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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