Pics: An out of control Innova hits my Audi A6

The structure and engine is super intact. Parts ordered and I should get my A6 back in 3-4 weeks.

BHPian jkrishnakj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

On the 28th of November, a lovely evening time at Bangalore shook my wife and I out from a gentle drive back home.

Very close to home, there is a road around a tank bund, with lake on one side and barren ground on the other. It’s a very lovely curvy road and I’m about 1 minute to home. It’s an undivided two lane stretch on Kanakapura Main Road.

My wife suddenly screams that ‘he’s going to the lake’ and that’s when I noticed a high speed Innova that lost control, hit the guard rails beyond the road shoulder, spun 360 degree twice and came over to the other side only to find my A6’s front right. When my wife noticed, he must be about 50 feet away and it took less than a second before I heard a loud thud and a shake.

Thankfully, my wife and I had no injuries. We were belted. The air bag didn’t deploy because the first impact was to the front right lamp assembly.

There were a lot of liquid spills that I saw on the road and I was still gathering myself. My engine was still running. A BMTC bus behind me stopped on time, thankfully. I somehow was hoping the Innova will cross me in the front and jump off to the barren side of the road, but that was not meant to be

Managing the local crowd was a pain. 100’s gathered in no time. Some wanted to go and trash the Innova guy. Thankfully, people know me there and we got all the help. I called an ASI from the station that’s just about a 500 metre from there and he came in no time with his team.

The driver of the Innova is a 5th semester engineering college student at a college near by. He was shaken and shivering and didn’t know what to do. I took help of the locals to push his car to the side, took my A6 slowly to the side and parked. The tyre was fouling with the bent fender but the car was moving.

The ASI dispersed the crowd and got some calmness. Audi RSA was super fast to respond. A tow truck came within an hour. The ASI told me that for an FIR, my car has to be left at the station for a week, I had to politely rule out.

Insurance survey is done. Thankfully, it’s only the external parts. The structure and engine is super intact. Parts ordered and I should get my A6 back in 3-4 weeks.

24890 km with out a scratch in my A6, that I was treating like a baby had to go through this.

Thankfully no harm to anyone. No injuries. The car should be back soon and I should be enjoying it soonest.

The Innova doesn’t have a Fitness certificate (2007 model) and no insurance either. The owner, who is the father of the boy who drove the Innova reached the spot and the police station after 90 minutes of the accident. Breaking down after hearing about my intent to file an FIR for keeping an illegal car on the roads, he broke down and pleaded, given his sons education, passport, visa etc.. I finally took the choice to let go.

The incident keeps playing in repeat mode inside the head. I guess it’ll take a long time before I move on and make peace with it.

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