Pics: RS6 body kit & custom Tango Red paintjob on my Audi A6

Rather than upgrading the car and spending a difference of at least 8-10 lakhs, I chose to keep this car and modify it.

BHPian bigbearddriver recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Sharing some more information as requested by many members. I am so glad that this makeover is being appreciated. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your words, little bit of recognition from a lot of automobile enthusiasts goes a long way.

Ownership details:

I have not owned this car for 9 years. I bought it back almost a year ago. My initial idea was to drive this car for a couple of years and then flip it for an other pre-owned German car. But I fell in love with it. I took a financial decision which made more sense to me. Rather than upgrading the car and spending a difference of at least 8-10 lakhs, I chose to keep this car and modify it. It definitely gave me a better feeling than upgrading to an other newer model, it could have been a 5 series or a 2017/18 A6, maybe. The car is mechanically amazing and I will write a detailed thread sometime later on the ownership experience. A lot of this also depends upon pure luck though and I did gamble a little.

Modifcation Cost:

  • Painting the car using German Glasurit Paint: INR 95,000.
  • Extra cost for changing the base colour from Moonlight Blue to Tango Red: INR 25,000.
  • RS6 Grille & Bumper kit (Aftermarket): INR 55,000.
  • Calliper Painting: INR 4,000 (All 4).
  • Alloy Wheels Painting: INR 10,800 (All 4).
  • Fender Repairing: INR 2,000.
  • Bumper Bracket Repairing: INR 1,100.
  • Headlight Polishing (Single): INR 2,000.
  • Wheel Hub Cap (One was damaged): INR 1,050.
  • New Audi Logo for the rear bumper: INR 2,500 (The front logo came along with the bumper kit and the old one was looking dull, so I thought of changing it too).
  • New Audi A6 Logo: INR 1.800.
  • New Number Plates: INR 1,100.
  • Total: INR 2,01,350 + 18% GST.
  • RTO Process:

  • It is not illegal to change the colour of your car as long as you take necessary permissions from the RTO.
  • The process is complete but subjudice, and I will write more about it once I get the new copy of my RC card delivered to me.

Thank you, GTO! I am glad that many members are appreciating this modification job. As requested, I am sharing some work-in-progress photos.

At one point, this is how the car looked. Almost gave me a mini heart attack, haha!

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