In Pictures: Road trips with my Toyota Fortuner

Getting an overall fuel efficiency figure of around 12 - 13 km/l.

BHPian scorpio_fan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The last 6 months were uneventful as always. I renewed the GPS tracking software for the next 5 years as there were some offers going on.

The TPMS is working very well, I am really happy about the purchase of SensAiry.

I find the 360 camera very useful in some tight parking situations. Another good investment.

The only thing I miss is the Apple Carplay

I did a few trips - Bangalore - Kollur - Uduppi - Bangalore, Bangalore - Palakkad - Bangalore and Bangalore - Vayanad - Bangalore. Overall getting mileage of around 12-13KMPL on average consistently. A few pictures from the trips are below.

On the way to Kollur.

Way back from Kollur near Kudremukh.

Some random pictures from the Kerala trip.

Mild off-roading in Kerala.

At a resort in Wayanad.

Another road trip is on the cards and will update you soon. The next service is due by end of January.

The issue with the alarm engaging randomly is still there. Recently I saw some videos where such an issue was simulated by the hood sensor. I need to check this during the next service.

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