Planning a XUV700? Save up & consider buying the Tiguan: Here's why

My Mahindra XUV700 AX7L AWD has been with me for 8000 km / 3 months.

BHPian avi01gupta recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Detailed and necessary ownership review for anyone buying the car as well as existing owners!!

My ownership started with my fair bit of niggles with the drive modes not working in the first week and infotainment going blank within the 2nd week of ownership. The silver box was replaced, and although the process took longer than necessary the guys at MASS were very courteous.

I have completed the following trips in my car:

  1. Delhi-Binsar-Delhi
  2. Delhi-Mussoorie-Delhi
  3. Delhi-Agra-Delhi (Two times)
  4. Delhi-Patiala-Delhi

I have encountered and been to a few soft off-road trails and done steep climbs to reach hotels. I will list the pros and cons of my ownership experience below


  • The engine is an absolute Gem that accelerates blissfully and has plenty of power in low-end and mid-range. (Top end is severely lacking)
  • The car is a mile muncher and does high-end triple-digit speeds with absolute comfort
  • When on steep inclines and climbs there is absolutely no drama by the wheels, it climbs up effortlessly, AWD does its job very well. Took it on a mild offroading trail where there was no road just small stones and a steep incline, No issues at all
  • The infotainment screen is the best and most well-put piece of real estate
  • At 140km/h expansion joints and minor road, undulations do not bother the car at all
  • Virtually no body roll in hills
  • Brakes are to the point and sharp


  • This is important and necessary to know
  • Fit and finish are substandard
  • The console above the driver's head which houses the Sunroof switch rattles on bumps and idle
  • The roof lining around that area has gotten a bit loose.

Basically, when u push the roof upwards you can hear the gum sticking noise and then unsticking (Please also advise what to do here)

There is a slight creaking noise near the front right side around the accelerator pedal on bumps and acceleration when the weight of the car shifts backwards

Is it something inside? or the suspension? I have yet to sort these out with the service centre. it is a metallic creak as if some metal joint is flexing.

Brakes noise and suspension noise are there from the start and has learnt to live with them.


  • The car is a commendable attempt by Mahindra and despite minor issues, they have gone very far in terms of what they are actually providing.
  • The high-speed stability and driving dynamics are on point.
  • But my advice is a genuine one.
  • The headache with this car about what issue might come up next is a bit annoying. I can handle it for the most part but for the people who love absolute mental peace and hassle-free ownership, this car is not for them YET at this stage in the production cycle.

I would advise a person who has a good Volkswagen dealership nearby, does not have an issue with petrol and can add Rs 8 lakhs more to consider the Volkswagen Tiguan AWD.

While I absolutely love the car, if I had 10 more lakh rupees to spare and my running was less I would have gone for the Tiguan. Currently owning the Polo I can vouch for the material quality and QC at VW.

If Mahindra can up their game in fit and finish there is absolutely no contender to this car.

What I think why this is like this, is not because of the price but because the material being used in the top model which costs 30L and the base model which costs 15L OTR is the same and therefore material quality is bound to be low with respect to 30L

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