Porsche Taycan production slowed down, amidst reduced EV demand

In 2021, Porsche registered 41,296 units of sale from its flagship EV.

According to media reports, Porsche has reduced production of its Taycan EV as demand for the model have slowed down.

The carmaker has now shifted the Taycan's build to a single-shift production schedule, down from the previous double-shift routine. The reduced production is a direct result of decreasing demand for EVs in general, especially the luxury electric vehicle market.

The Taycan has been on sale for quite a few years now. In 2021, its first full year on sale, Porsche registered 41,296 units of sales from its flagship EV. This number suffered a 16% dip in 2022 due to supply chain issues but managed to bounce back to 40,629 units in 2023.

The production cuts also come amidst the introduction of the Taycan facelift, which brings with it more power, faster charging, and tweaked visuals.

Source: CarExpert

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