Prakash Patel fired by Ford due to inappropriate behaviour


According to a media report, the man credited with bringing the 50th anniversary Mustang to life has left Ford after being accused of inappropriate behaviour. At the time of the ousting, Prakash Patel was Ford's global director for program management. He took over the role in January 2017.

In 2009, Patel was appointed as the program manager for the sixth-generation Mustang. It is said that in his office, Patel had a chart showing every single drivetrain and major options that have ever been available on a Mustang. In an earlier press release, Ford even called him "The Chef Who Seasons the Mustang Recipe". In between his stints at Ford, Patel also worked with Lincoln.

Earlier this year, former President of Ford North America, Raj Nair was removed after being accused of inappropriate behaviour. The report also suggests that Nair was Patel's supervisor for a period of time.

Source: Automotive News

Image Source: Autoblog

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