A pre-owned car for four adults and a growing kid

For the last 6 years, I have been living in Chennai for my job and the car is primarily used in my native place. Hence I am thinking in two ways.

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I've been looking for a pre-owned car for quite some time. I currently own a Grand i10 Petrol Asta (O) and it has served us well for over 6 years now. The current ODO is at ~110000 Kms. For the last 6 years, I have been living in Chennai for my job and the car is primarily used in my native place. Hence I am thinking in two ways:

  • The pre-owned machine would replace the Grand i10. And the Grand i10 can be driven in Chennai, as i am averse to get a big car due to traffic hassles.
  • Pre-owned one could be used in Chennai as i am vary of maintaining a pre-owned car in a tier-2 city.


  • Budget of around 6 - 7 Lakhs.
  • Seat 4 Adults and growing kid (6+ years) comfortably.
  • Good build quality and Safety.
  • Comfort should be top notch as it would be used by elders as well.
  • Large enough boot space for 5.
  • More power than 1.2 Petrol (~Read Torquey Diesel~) for occasional spirited driving by me.
  • Usage could be around 15K Kms per year.
  • No-Nonsense maintenance even if i am not around in the same place.


Maruti S-Cross Alpha 1.6

  • European build and manners.
  • Torquey diesel should bring smiles.
  • Width makes it easier for 5 adults to sit.
  • Reliable maintenance from Maruti even in tier-2 cities.

Skoda Yeti

  • VFM for what the Yeti offers.
  • Meets most of the criteria excluding the maintenance part.
  • Hard to find facelifted ones in pre-owned arena.

Volkswagen Jetta

  • Solid machine all around.
  • Manual Diesel preferred as AT could be hard to maintain.
  • If maintained well, it should serve for long time.
  • Mostly looking for 2011/2012 models at the price range mentioned.

Other shortlists could be EcoSport / XUV300 but I am unable to convince myself on the asking prices for them. From the choices above, S-Cross fits all the criteria especially from the maintenance criteria. For Skoda / VW, we may need a reliable FNG and so it can only be maintained in Chennai. Also due to covid and restrictions, it is not very easy to look at and test drive the cars as well so going little slower on the purchase. Looking forward to your suggestions.

Here's what BHPian akash_v12 had to say on the matter:

Mass market cars like the Honda City are available aplenty. The petrol motor is still pretty good to drive and superbly reliable. Servicing is also not an issue.

If you do end up finding a S-Cross 1.6, do check whether your family will be comfortable with the amount of legroom it offers.

Cars like the Ford Aspire and newer Amaze should also make it to your list. I'd personally stay away from used VAG products until you know the complete history of the car itself. Not considering the Creta because of the brake fail issues. Some well maintained Vernas can also make sense in your case.

Here's what BHPian KK_HakunaMatata had to say on the matter:

It is hard to find a well maintained S-Cross 1.6, and the ones you find would be quoted high. While you are looking out for the S-Cross 1.6, also check out Rapid or Vento. You will get 2015/16 models for your budget, you will not go wrong with the diesel+manual variant.

I would say avoid Skoda Yeti. Even I did try to get one, but its hardly available for sale and those which are on sale are with 1 lac+ on the ODO.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

A well maintained S Cross 1.6 is a rare find. The Yeti and Jetta are too old to be considered. Will be a nightmare to maintain in case anything goes wrong. Given the limited budget, your best option is the Tata Nexon. Spacious, safe, comfortable, well equipped, rugged and reliable and has a very good diesel option. Go for the manual, avoid the jerky AMT. XUV300 has a tiny boot. An alternate option can be the Honda Amaze. While the build, ride and handling are not even close to the Nexon, it is a most frugal car to run. Try and find the diesel CVT variant, even if you have to stretch your budget a bit. It is pretty good to drive.

Here's what BHPian lamborghini had to say on the matter:

The S-Cross is a great option to be honest and would be on the top of the list.

I'd avoid the Yeti & Jetta as examples would be quite old: while the engine is reliable you could face other wear and tear issues (rubber parts, suspension, etc.).

Truth be told, I would also look long and hard at the Skoda Rapid / VW Vento as well: the 1.5TDi MT. You may get one with active warranty on your budget and the size, etc would be perfect for daily driving. If you can stretch for a new TSi, it could be a very good option.

Here's what BHPian McLaren Rulez had to say on the matter:

It might be worth looking at the Ertiga.

Even if the fifth passenger is a child, cars are generally not wide enough to seat three abreast. A third row with split seats gives you a lot of flexibility and will be a lot more comfortable. Bit of a compromise on the build quality but otherwise, it suits your requirements very well.

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