Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used Maruti S-Cross

Maruti launched this ugly duckling back in 2015, but it instantly won over enthusiasts. Why? Because of that powerful 1.6L Fiat diesel engine, good quality & build and European car-like road manners. The 1.6 engine was a sales flop though because it was outrageously priced. Maruti gave the S-Cross an ordinary 1.3L diesel too, which wouldn't be our choice, but it did alright in the market (especially after the 2017 facelift). Recently, the company introduced the familiar 1.5L petrol variant. 

• Solid build & good quality, inside out
• Powerful 1.6L diesel with 320 Nm of torque. Superb mid-range and top-end performance
• Mature ride & handling package. High speed behaviour is excellent
• Practical interiors, spacious cabin and supportive seats
• Fuss-free ownership, thanks to Maruti's after-sales service network
• All variants get 4 wheel disc brakes, ABS & dual airbags
• Feature loaded: Bi-xenon or LED headlamps, leather seats, cruise control, 7" touchscreen ICE etc. 

• Unappealing styling. Looks like a big hatchback (not a crossover / SUV)
• 1.6L diesel variant has a laggy bottom-end
• 1.6L diesel (our choice) isn't an easy find in the used market
• 1.3L diesel offers very ordinary performance. Nothing special about it
• No AT options in the used market, or even a petrol!
• 353 liter boot - though well shaped - is small for a car of this size & positioning
• Noise insulation is below average for a premium car

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Mod Potential:

Get a nice set of alloys along with some chrome delete and see the car transform visually. A remap will get you that performance bump. Overall mod options are just like that for any mainstream car. 



While the 1.6L engine sold in very few quantities, you can get yourself a 1.3L easily. Owners of the 1.6L S-Cross are holding on to it for its performance and due to the fact that the car ages well. Check out some of the examples on sale here.

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