Problems with my Toyota Hyryder: Faced multiple issues back-to-back

I found out that there is a design flaw with the car and now I am forced to live with it.

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It's been back-to-back issues for me with the new Hyryder.

  1. I had a huge issue with the driver-side door not closing properly. I had to apply extreme force to close it. Later found that this is a design issue as the air locked inside the cabin does not allow it to close smoothly. If I keep any of the windows open, the problem is solved. The SA was helpless as there was no fix available and I am forced to live with this problem.
  2. After a month of taking delivery, the car shocks started giving a weird sound when someone got inside the car or got out. I took the car to the service center, and they mentioned that there is an issue with the rear shocks and told me that they would get it replaced free of cost. I had to wait for another 25 days to get the parts in as they did not have the stock.
  3. Three days back, my car started giving a Hybrid system malfunction error. No idea behind the error. I left the car at the service center today. The team is clueless and they need to investigate.

Here's what BHPian OpenRoads had to say about the matter:

Sad to hear that you are going through so many issues after paying a premium price.

  1. Try closing the driver-side door of a new Creta or i20 at a showroom. It will behave the same. There is nothing wrong with the door. What you said is right. The air cannot escape and hence the issue. On top, the new rubber lining also plays a part. Why it doesn't happen for the other doors beats me.
  2. Rear shock issue is new. Hope we don't start seeing it in other cars. Also, Toyota has a tendency of fixing things when something is found faulty. Customer conflicts are lesser in comparison to other competitors.
  3. Hybrid system malfunction error - I have a feeling the service folks messed it up during maintenance. It's a complex system.

Keep us posted on the root cause of this issue. Thanks for your post.

Here's what BHPian Er_Who had to say about the matter:

I'm facing the same issue with my Hyryder. I wouldn't say it needs "extreme" force, but you have to deliberately put more effort into closing the driver-side door. I've been facing this since the day of the PDI. It's been almost 6 months and 8200 kms and the issue still persists. I've seen somewhere in this thread that the issue got resolved over time, so hopefully that would be the case.

Any update on this? It is quite worrying seeing this on a new car. Hopefully, it is something minor. Also, out of curiosity, which service centre are you visiting in Bengaluru?

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