Profusion Typhoon : 145 BHP, 630 kg weight @ Rs. 55 Lakh

British handmade car builder - Profusion Exotic Cars - has released the 2013 Typhoon. Pre-orders are now being taken for 2013 dispatches in India. The company is hopeful of starting deliveries in the second half of this year. 

Typhoon specifications:

- 2.0 liter petrol motor

- 145 BHP and 188 Nm torque

- Kerb weight of merely 630 kg

- Power to weight ratio of 230 BHP / Tonne

- 0 - 96 kph time of 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 210 kph

- No electronic gizmos 

Chris Christoforou, MD - Profusion Exotic Cars, says they already have UK type approval, and are looking at making the car road legal. The ability to get RTO approval will be crucial in India; unless owners can get their cars registered at the RTO and drive them on public roads, the Typhoon won't even succeed at becoming a niche product. 

As with most hand-built cars, there are plenty of customisation options. Owners can choose the seat colour, brake caliper colour, brake disc pattern, rear wing colour, wheel arch shape and different steering options. You also get push button start & a colour matched helmet. 

UK prices start at around £29,000 while India prices will be in the range of Rs. 55 lakh (ex-showroom). Coming up are variations that include a simpler (cheaper) model, as well as one in track trim. 

Profusion Exotic Cars India Private Ltd. is the Indian subsidiary of Profusion (UK), setup in Bangalore, Karnataka. More information on their Indian website.

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