Pros & Cons of Mahindra XUV700 from an ex Maruti WagonR owner

The fuel efficiency figures on the MID hovers around 16 - 18 km/l.

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We welcomed XUV7OO MX Diesel into our family on 13 May. Had booked on Day 01, so got price protection. Took delivery from Salasar Autocrafts, Thane. Overall had an average buying experience with them. I found their response to be a tad slower. Although, they did match the insurance quote I had got from outside and did not push me to get accessories and an extended warranty from them.

One important issue I want to share is the lack of availability of accessories at the dealer as well as the online website M2all. The dealer had no stock of wheel caps, fog lamps and reverse cameras. Had to even cancel the order for wheel caps from M2all after waiting for 15 days. M&M is struggling to provide basic accessories even after 07 months after launch.

Coming to the driving experience. I upgraded after having driven 150K km on MS Wagon R, so it's a giant leap for me in terms of space, comfort and driving dynamics. So far I have covered 600 km in the car and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Pros of Mahindra XV700

  1. Phenomenal road presence. Every day I take the car out I see people turning their heads to check out this beautiful car.
  2. Sheer power & torque. Compared to my humble Wagon R, this car packs a punch and it was an absolute pleasure driving this car on the ghat section of Mumbai Pune Expressway.
  3. Suspension. I am happy how the car drives over broken patches of roads, uneven speed breakers and more importantly rumbler strips (especially the ones on which my previous car used to judder violently)
  4. Drive and handling. In spite of its bulky size, driving this beast has been rather easy and unless someone wants to park this car in a tight space driving this car should not be an issue.
  5. Air Conditioning. I always keep the car AC on Econ mode still, the AC manages to cool the cabin quickly.

Cons of Mahindra XUV700

  1. NVH: I had test-driven AX7L Diesel manual a couple of times and I feel that the NVH level on the top trim is better compared to MX. Although this is not a deal-breaker with the diesel engine being refined but I feel that AX7L has better engine sound insulation.
  2. I was unable to open the tailgate remotely using the key. Though the key has a boot open button, it does not work on MX variants. On enquiring with customer care, I was informed that this feature is not available on MX variants. Wonder how much has M&M saved by skipping this feature

One minor niggle observed so far is feeble noise from the left rear brake every time they are engaged at slow speed. Will get this checked out at the service centre shortly.

One more important feature missing as of now is the Android Auto update. Cars in the AX series have been updated to provide Android Auto, this feature (wired) is still to be extended to MX variants. Hope that M&M is able to roll out this feature as soon as possible.

Now coming to the important question of "Kitna deti hai?", so far I have seen MID reading hovering between 16 - 18 km/l. I will get a more accurate indication when I take my car for the next fuel fill up. I am satisfied with the mileage so far and hope this will improve over time.

In a nutshell, I am happy with the decision I made. At Rs 15L OTR, the car offers excellent space, comfort and safety and for a person who is not looking for a feature-loaded car, MX variants are a good option.

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