Pros & cons of my VW Polo TSI after 1.5 years of ownership

Neither it will please your family nor it will wow you with its features but it will make you forget about all that once you're behind the wheel.

BHPian VishTks recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello BHPians,

Let me share a few pictures of my Polo TSI, a car which I had been waiting to add to my garage. I was lucky to get my hands on this German hatch a year and a half back.

Let me state the Pros and Cons of this hot hatch that I've observed in my ownership experience so far.


  • Clean European styling - timeless, sporty stance. Just spot on.
  • Build quality, fit and finish & materials used are unmatched even by present-day standards.
  • The 1.0 TSI - the reason why many fall in love with her. Yes, there is turbo lag before the 2k Rpm mark. But burry the throttle beyond that and the pull is relentless. Midrange pushes you back and keeps you pinned. The DOHC setup means that the top end is very strong and speeds are still gained rapidly. Yes, 0 - 100 kmph in 9 seconds means very few cars can even trail behind, on this side of 25 lakhs. Overall, this engine is an absolute cracker.
  • Ride and handling is exemplary. But the facelifted Polos from 2020 have been given a softer suspension setup compared to the older gens. This means that the ride is soft and comfortable, but the body roll compared to the older gen Polo is higher.
  • Stability on straight lines is phenomenal. One can even take their hands off the steering at high speeds and the car would still remain absolutely straight. Overall, stability is proper German standards.
  • Braking - Brakes are strong and very predictable. Modulation is easy.
  • Interior - To be honest, I personally love the interior. Yes, there are many people complaining about the lack of modern-day features and gizmos. True, but the interior of this German hatch has used materials which feel very good to touch and give a sense of premium feel compared to any other car of this segment. Even the new I20 cannot match the quality of materials. Nevertheless, some features are lacking and let me state them in the cons.
  • NVH - Definitely not the most silent by segment standards. But could be the most silent 3-cylinder. Overall, not intrusive but gets loud at higher RPMs in a sporty note. Some may like it, some may find it loud.


  • Considering the engine, the suspension could have been given a stiffer setup for sharper handling.
  • Lack of basic features like reverse camera, LED DRLs, push-button start, coloured MID display are not justifiable for a car priced above 10 lakhs!
  • Turbo lag below 2k rpm mark is quite noticeable.
  • Rear legroom is extremely limited. Average-sized adults can probably manage but tall people will find a hard time getting comfortable.
  • Fuel guzzler when pushed at and above the turbo zone. Personally, I have seen the number go as less as 6 km/L.


Overall, the Polo is the best driver's car and is a car which gives you proper German quality at this price point or even betters some cars 2 segments above.

It is an emotional purchase for people who know the Polo community.

It is not a car to please your family with rear seat space or a car which will wow you with crazy gizmos.

But all that is forgotten the minute you get behind the wheel with its engine and the chassis complementing each other to push the car and get your adrenaline pumped with a rush and that is extremely addictive.

This addiction is why Polo has created a huge fan base (save for the hefty amount of mods available in the aftermarket) and has made this car an Icon.

Peace out BHPians.

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