Real-world fuel efficiency of the BS6 Tata Harrier

Got this mileage after completing a drive of 2,200 km comprising of highways and Bangalore evening traffic.

BHPians greyhound82, Raghuwire, alextekno, and PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

greyhound82 shared updates regularly about his Harrier automatic.

After reaching the 5,000 km mark and completing a Kerala to Bhopal drive:

Got a mileage of 15.4 km/l for a drive of 2,200 km comprising of highways and Bangalore evening traffic (took 3 hrs to cross). Almost all the drive was in city mode.

He also reported:

For me, highway mileage hovers around 15-17 kmpl (2 people onboard) , city mileage 12 - 13 kmpl (not metros, cities like Trivandrum and Bhopal but in peak hours).

With three people and luggage onboard:

One of the best mileage so far with 3+ luggage onboard.

After completing a 1,500 km drive from Bhopal to Amarkantak and back:

Total Km : 1467.4 km

Mileage as per MID : 15.3 km/l (tankful to tankful: 13.8, mean value of 3 tankful)

Avg. speed : 53 km/hr

At the 15,000 km mark:

Currently getting a mileage of 15km/l (MID) for 950 km trip consisting of 4 people + luggage.

Raghuwire drives a Harrier XT+:

I was mostly driving in ECO mode between 80 to 100 kmph and I got an astounding mileage of 17.9 km/l based on tank full method.

alextekno had this to say about his XZA+:

I am driving mostly in Eco mode and I see that the mileage is slowly increasing from 9.9 km/l when I got it and now its showing 11 km/l. So I think it will pull up to 12 kmpl and that should be ok in city drive.

PrasannaDhana spent some time in his brother's Harrier XZ MT:

Fuel efficiency - the car consistently showed 15+ kmpl on instant fuel efficiency in the MID inside the city. It might give 16-18 kmpl on the highways with a light foot.

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