Real world Fuel efficiency of the Volkswagen Taigun 1.0 TSI MT

The highest fuel efficiency figure I saw was 23 Km/L, while the lowest was 13.5 km/L.

BHPian adigup recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Quick update on the mileage figures of my 1.0 MT mini-Tiguan:

Our Taigun is used by everyone at home - mostly by my mom and then dad and I use it whenever it's parked at home. My parents had gone away for a 12 day holiday, during which I parked the other two cars safely, and went ahead and made the Taigun my daily drive. According to the odometer reset, I drove 708.9 kms in 12 days. Most of the driving was in traffic hours, and little bit of it on empty roads / highways. To give some idea, I live in Gurgaon (~5 kms from Ambience Mall) and go to Delhi almost every day. During the 12 days, I also took the car to Old Delhi, North Campus, and all possible places with traffic of all types (not for fun, but for work).

While I was able to record the highest mileage of 23 kmpl when I went from Gurgaon to CP at 8:30 AM on a Monday (with AC of course, and maintaining a speed of 70-80 kmph on the highway, and then 60 kmph in Delhi roads) Lowest of 13.5 kmpl, when I went from Gurgaon to North campus (during peak Karol Bagh traffic hours in the afternoon) and back (close to 70 kms).

While I didn't keep a track of all the trips,here's a picture of what the car showed after 390 kms of refuelling.

(ignore the red-ish edge, probably something wrong with my camera)

Overall, I think if driven sedately (and of course, once in a while, let the turbo do it's job when redlining the engine) this car is very efficient. I wasn't expecting figures above 15 kmpl in any case, but this is past my expectations.

With everyone driving it on regular days, it returns 12-14 kmpl, which is fair enough.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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