Rear Bumper Delete : Silly new trend catching on in India

Rear bumper delete is a new trend which involves removing the rear bumper of a car.

A new trend seems to be catching on among modified car owners in India. Called "rear bumper delete", it involves completely removing the rear bumper of your car! What next? "Front bumper delete"?

This first started with many Lamborghini owners around the world, with an intent to show off the car's exhaust system. Some 90s Honda Civic racers also removed their bumpers for lesser drag on the racetrack (related info). The practice is common in 4x4s to improve the vehicle's off-road capabilities. It makes sense in these specific cases to improve performance. But on everyday road-going cars? That's just stupid.

There's a Lamborghini Huracan from the Bren Garage in Bangalore without a rear bumper. The bumper was removed for additional cooling and it reveals the Novitec Inconel Race Exhaust.

The lack of a rear bumper would mean that any rear impact would damage the mechanicals & body work. There is simply no protection! A danger to other cars & bikes too, as they don't have that "cushion" if they accidentally run into you. In some cases, the wheel well is removed which may result in the tyre kicking up dirt deep into the internals of the car.

This trend seems to be catching on in the modifying community of India, with regular mass market cars!! There are a few rides like the Baleno, Polo, Swift and even the Innova with no rear bumper. How stupid! It serves little purpose with these cars and IMHO, looks horrible as well.

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