Refused delivery of my Scorpio-N 4x4 after multiple issues during PDI

The dealership thought that a PDI according to me was just to check that the vehicle was the colour and variant that I booked.

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A quick update from my side - Black Z8L 4*4 was supposed to be delivered today from Safderjung, Delhi.

  • 12th September - I was told that vehicle with chassis number N6H969** was assigned. I was told that the vehicle was at the yard and the full amount was demanded.
  • 13th September - I requested a PDI the next day and was then told that the car was in fact not at the yard but was at the Mahindra factory waiting to be shipped. 50% advance was demanded which I refused pending PDI.
  • 16th September - I was told that I would have to give an advance of 1 lakh to 'block' the vehicle. I refused pending PDI.
  • 18th September - An invoice was raised with accessories charge and expensive insurance. I requested modifications to the quotation (no accessories and insurance).
  • 21st September - Revised invoice was shared with revised insurance and no change to accessories charge. It was confirmed that the car was at the yard. I requested for PDI.
  • 22nd September - Relevant IDs were shared.
  • 23rd September - PDI was arranged by the dealer at the showroom and not at the yard.

PDI - Upon inspection of the vehicle, the following five items were highlighted by me. The vehicle had 70.9 kms on both trip meters A&B and 70 on the odometer:

  • Both front tyres were visibly worn - the kind of wear that comes with at least 1000 kilometers of driving. Rubber was peeling off from the outer side of both tyres.
  • The right front tyre was visibly damaged as happens when rubber chunks come off the tyres when driving off road.
  • The roof line and buttons on the front side of the vehicle were very messy and stained.
  • There was a permanent black spot on the overhead button console.
  • There were swirl marks all over the vehicle. A new vehicle with a new clear coat will not have so many swirl marks.

I got a call from the dealership soon inquiring that if they changed the front tyres, would I take delivery of the vehicle? I requested them to formally communicate this to me on email, with the assurance that the stains and scratches would be taken care of.

As soon as I requested for an official communication, the dealer said that they will allot the car to someone else and I will now have to wait for some other unit for which there is no timeline.

Have sent an email to Customer care. They have arranged a call with Their area sales manager Mr. Singh. Lets see what he says.

P.S: The dealership thought that a PDI according to me was just to check that the vehicle was the colour and variant that I booked. Should have seen the SA's face when I showed him a checklist.

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