Reliable aftermarket suspension options for Honda Amaze diesel

I visited two local garages and the mechanics suggested that I should try either Gabriel or Monroe.

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Hi everyone!

I have been facing issues with my car's suspension. It's a Honda Amaze S Diesel (2013) model. The suspension seems fine on plain roads but very noisy on bumpy roads. I visited two local garages and Honda ASC as well. They all suggested a suspension kit replacement. I'm assuming it means the struts and the springs.

Honda ASC's estimate is around 36k, while local mechanics suggested trying aftermarket struts like Monroe or Gabriel. They also said Monroe is the actual OE parts manufacturer for Honda (not sure if this is true). I checked Monroe's product catalog, it doesn't have Amaze suspension listed.

  • Any experiences with aftermarket suspension brands?
  • Which would be the most reliable brand for Honda suspension kits?

I know Honda parts are reliable but I don't really want to spend 36k for it. My Dad wants to give suspension reconditioning a try (the mechanics suggested not to do so).

Any suggestions, opinions and experiences are always welcomed!

Thanks in advance!

Here's what BHPian Thatautoguy46 had to say about the matter:

We own a 2013 Amaze VX Diesel and had to change the entire suspension setup too. But Honda Service centre gave an estimate of a whopping 75K. So opted for getting it changed at a private garage which quoted 27K. It has been great running so far, but two of the front bushes have been replaced recently because of the failure (say broken) I guess.

I don't know which brand it is, but if the service centre quoted 36K including labour just go ahead with it. You can even claim a warranty for the parts I guess.

Here's what BHPian IshaanIan had to say about the matter:

I guess the ASC’s estimate includes linkages and bushes as well and not just the struts. I would say that if you’re getting a quote of 36k for what I am assuming is a suspension overhaul (considering the age of the car and the fact that it is a diesel which would have added to the wear and tear) from the ASC, you should go for it.

Trying to save a few pennies here and there by simply changing the struts won’t help you at all and that is the kind of thing that erodes an old car even further towards its grave. At the end of the day the Amaze was made in India so Honda ASC should not be ripping you off all that much.

Why don’t you instead get a list of parts from them that need changing and search for those on Boodmo yourself then you’d be able to tell for sure how much money can be saved.

Overall my advice would be that spending 36k for a suspension overhaul from the ASC is completely fair for what is a 10-year-old car this is the kind of maintenance that will ensure it lasts another 10 years not trying to see what parts can be skipped and which aftermarket struts to go for instead.

Here's what BHPian Rajeevraj had to say about the matter:

I have done an overhaul for my 2013 Vento and went for Sachs shocks. I know it is a popular brand for VAG group cars but not sure about Honda. Volkswagen/Skoda OEM brand for the Vento/Rapid/Polo used to be Gabriel. There are a couple of detailed reviews of an overhaul with Sachs.

36K seems on par if it includes the whole overhaul. Link Rods, Top Mounts etc. Were you happy with the suspension in the initial years? If so, then an OEM overhaul should be fine. Otherwise, you can look at after-market brands.

Here's what BHPian Jeroen had to say about the matter:

Why replace the shocks then? Noisy suspension is unlikely to come from the shocks itself. It is far more likely some other part has worn out. Save yourself a bunch of money and find somebody who can find the true cause of the noise. Likely to be a rubber or a sway bar or something simple like that.

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