Renault replacing faulty accelerator pedal on the Kwid


Thanks to BHPian Dr.Naren for sharing this information with other enthusiasts!

Renault may have issued yet another silent recall of the Kwid. This time, the carmaker is replacing a faulty accelerator pedal and sensor that may cause sudden increase in speed and engine RPM. 

Renault hasn't formally announced a recall and neither has the carmaker disclosed the number of cars affected by this issue. However, a Renault service advisor has confirmed that it is a "known issue" and that recently, some Kwid owners have reported about the unintentional acceleration. 

As this is a critical safety issue, owners should get their car checked at the nearest Renault service centre if the malfunction light in the instrument panel stays on even after starting the engine. To fix this issue, Renault service centres are replacing the accelerator pedal and sensor free of cost. It also requires ECU programming which is being done at no additional cost to the owner. 

It is the second time this year that Renault has recalled the Kwid. In January 2018, the 800 cc version of the Kwid was recalled for a steering system issue.

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