Replaced my 14-yr-old Swift with Kiger CVT: 45 days & 2000 km update

The petrol leak incident got us thinking about whether we made the right call moving away from brands like Maruti, Tata, Mahindra & Hyundai or not.

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Hi everyone!

I sold my 14-year-old long-time Swift for a new Renault Kiger RXZ CVT Brown color in Aug 2022. It's just been about 45 days and around 2000 kms of running.

The vehicle seems pretty decent to drive along and handles well. I felt the steering was a bit small in size and overall seems strictly built to a price with a few hard and sharp edges around. Sometimes difficult to digest the standards of INR 12+ Lakh cars these days and definitely not in the league of the Japanese, German, Indian or Korean counterparts.

Couple of days back though, faced a horrible petrol leak after a short drive. The entire petrol tank was drained out onto the road and the vehicle wouldn't start. It was towed away to the service centre where the issue was 'simply' pinpointed to the pipe falling off loose. This is unbelievable for any vehicle as far as I know and have owned.

We have taken serious note of this issue and trying to understand the root cause before taking back the vehicle. A small fire would have changed the scene totally. And such a situation at odd hours in a remote place may have made life difficult. This issue has really had everyone at home thinking about whether we made the right decision to move away from a Maruti, Tata, Mahindra or Hyundai.

Also, observed that the rear mud flaps have fallen loose within such a short time, which speaks volumes about the quality of installed accessories as well as the installation job itself.

All the quirks highlighted by other BHPians continue to be irritants but can't deny that the overall driving experience of the Turbo Engine+CVT is worth it. Rubberband effect aside the CVT irons out much of the jerks and non-linear power delivery is smoother.

Despite the incident, the overall showroom experience and support have been trouble-free so far and I hope can proceed to have many happy years of motoring without major hiccups.

Note: The photo was taken when the vehicle was being towed away. Imagine my luck that this happened right in front of one of our temple visits during the mandatory Navrathiri temple runs.

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