Replacing my Skoda Yeti with a Toyota Fortuner: Which engine to get?

Mind says go for a petrol 4x2 MT Fortuner, considering the NCR limitation, but heart rules to opt for the diesel MT 4x4 as it offers more peace of mind.

BHPian iTNerd recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Ever since I sold my Yeti 4x4 last year with just around 70000 kms in 9 years, I am contemplating a replacement. However, the diesel 10 years ownership rule in NCR had thrown the replacement decision into quite a doldrum. Want to understand the merits of opting for a petrol Fortuner.

Pros of opting for petrol Fortuner

  • 15 years of ownership in NCR against 10 years for diesel.
  • Low running (hardly 7000-8000 kms a year).
  • Cheaper maintenance and more reliable over diesel variants (no overhead with Adblue, DPF etc.)
  • Better NVH and comfort than diesel.
  • Less risk of being banned altogether being petrol.
  • Lesser initial cost of vehicle (2-2.5 Lacs than diesel variant)
  • Cons of opting for Petrol Fortuner

Cons of owning a petrol Fortuner

  • Low FE
  • Lesser torque and boring driving experience
  • No 4x4 option
  • Lesser resale value and possibly lesser demand in resale market.

Though I am not a hardcore offroader, would prefer to have a 4x4 option for situations (1% of the time) when you drive over wet, muddy slush and snowy conditions. But for 99% of the time, I guess a 4x2 should work just for me. So now, mind says to opt for a petrol 4x2 MT fortuner, considering the NCR limitation, but heart rules to opt for the diesel MT 4x4 as it offers a more complete peace of mind.

Would love to hear your viewpoints.

Here's what BHPian zaid qazi had to say on the matter:

If your running is seriously low and you would be doing just about 7k-8k km a year I would suggest you look after the petrol Fortuner you would be more than happy with its performance, and it would turn out cheaper than the diesel variants and be in NCR you wouldn't be facing a ban after ten years, moreover, you aren't a hardcore off-roader so 4×2 will do well in most of the situations. Although the waiting period for the petrol variants would be on the higher side.

Here's what BHPian CEF_Beasts had to say on the matter:

YOLO, I would suggest you go with your heart's decision of the 4X4 MT.

For sure there will be one such situation during the ownership where you will miss the Diesel 4X4 after going for the 4X2.

Definitely nothing against the Petrol Fortuner, BHPian achyutaghosh has been touring the country in his Petrol 4X2 and has faced no issues.

Here's what BHPian achyutaghosh had to say on the matter:

I was in your state a year ago and with lack of trust on Indian car brands, i went ahead with the Fortuner petrol as we have a one car family, and we did not want NGT/Delhi government creating issues that impact out mobility. If i were a in a 2 car family then i may have decided otherwise. Period.

You have listed down the pros and cons quite well. Few comments on your list-

  • The price difference between the two models you are considering- diesel 4X4 MT and petrol 4X2 AT is 4.5 lakh ex-showroom currently, which translates to 5 lakh plus on road. Depending on your delivery time, there may be a couple of more price hikes that take this difference to 6 lakh. Toyota has been raising prices disproportionately on the 4X4s, so there's that.
  • The engine may be low on torque but has a sporty growl, revs well and some fun can be had with it, but that will come at the cost of fuel efficiency.
  • In the long term (9-10 year period), the resale would be better than a NCR registered diesel Fortuner.

Having said that, you did mention that you need 4X4 for that 1% time, and that being the case, then it is the Fortuner diesel for you or the Kodiaq- if you can lay your hands on it

I ensure I choose my battles wisely so that I can tour the country comfortably in the petrol 4X2 with a smile on my face

Basically avoid driving regularly on crowded roads, avoid sudden acceleration and braking, plan my moves, avoid tough off-road conditions etc.

For complete peace of mind and the total Fortuner experience (which is mostly about the engine performance and the go anywhere ability rather than features), I would always suggest the awesome 2.8 diesel 4x4! Had I not been in NCR, it would have been the 4X4 AT for me.

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