Retro / Classic trends in the car scene

Is there a market for classic cars? Does anyone here decide on a model just because of classic looks?

This thread is actually inspired by a poll in our two-wheelers section where the majority seem to be voting for "Retro classic" motorcycles.

While our two-wheeler market today offers ample varieties, Retro classic or Neo retro theme seems to be catching on in the two-wheeler space. If I am not wrong, this seems to be a trend globally as well. Triumph, Royal Enfield etc. try to strike a chord with the market by bragging about the classic heritage.

However, we do not see any such trend in the four-wheelers space. Year on year, we seem to be looking at more futuristic designs which keep drifting away from the designs of yesteryears.

So is there a market for classic cars? Does anyone here decide on a model just because of classic looks?

Let me start off the thread with retro-inspired offerings in our market today. While I do not intend to make this list exhaustive, the idea is to set the context and let our fellow experts pitch in with more information.

Main criteria here are the modern cars with classic/retro-inspired design elements.

Mahindra Thar

This car seems to be ringing the cash registers for Mahindra and waiting periods have already shot up. While we have very limited choices in this segment, what also makes this stand apart is the classic looks.

Honda E

While this car can be as modern as it can get, it has that retro charm (reminds me of the Maruti 800). While I am skeptical of seeing this on our shores, this is something a retro classic fan would love to see. If the future is electric and also classic, it sounds ideal, doesn't it?


Those round(ish) headlights and the silhouette has not changed much over many decades and this is what makes this car attractive to me. The car is retro-inspired inside out.

Mercedes G-Class

It is big and butch and what also makes it stand out is the classic looks. However, it is not a mass-market offering at all.

Jeep Wrangler

Who needs an introduction to this iconic brand. We call every classic SUV as a "Jeep".

As we can see, apart from "Thar", the rest of the models are not really aimed at mass-market price levels.

Also, there are only a few brands such as Jeep or Mini which seem to be having their model portfolio based on "classic" inspired looks.

I have chosen not to include cars such as Camaro, Mustang, VW Beetle, Fiat 500 etc. for either being too rare or discontinued in our market. With that out of our way, over to you folks!!

These are the words of BHPian rajshenoy. Thanks for sharing.

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