Review: Owning a fully-loaded 2020 Mercedes C-Class facelift in Dubai

Without getting into too many details, here is a visual treat of the overall package.

BHPian Kwanza recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello folks,

Long time no see - I just noticed that my last thread on Team-BHP was an unfinished review of our family Toyota Mark X, back in 2015.

Half a decade later, life has surely progressed and though I've not put up any posts, I've always been reading Team-BHP and it's still as close to my heart as it has ever been!

Finally, as the festive cheer dawns upon us albeit hushed unlike normal times, I thought it's a good time to brighten up the mood a bit by sharing a snapshot of my first (actually 4th) "own" car; a fully loaded Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2020 model.

Views are personal.

Why Merc you ask?

Well, I've got no other choice... A business degree with a passion for automotive and product marketing led to internships at Nissan, VW Group, and finally, a full-time job at Mercedes-Benz, regional headquarters in Dubai! One of the company perks is a brand-new Merc every 6 months (that's why this is now my 4th car). It's technically a company car and not my own, but mine it is! Of course, being in Product Management, I have my own product babies (C-Class is not one of them), and get to drive every single new Merc, pretty much!

Woah! That intro was out of excitement to share with all you fellow petrolhead brethren here.... no other intention.

Since the C-Class W205 is a well-known model, and now in its sunset days, I'm not going into super-minute detail, but rather just giving you a visual treat of the overall package!

Now let the pictures do the talking...

Stunning front look in Polar White (not the iridium silver that I opted for thanks to Covid delays, but that will come next)

AMG Line body kit with aggressive bumpers and diamond grille is standard on the top trim and is also the most preferred in this part of the world. Without AMG Line, the car looks like a weakling.

Close-up of the diamond pin grille. It's a timeless design (2nd favourite only to the AMG-specific grill erstwhile "Pan Americana" grille found on the GT). The Driver Assistance radar is tucked away neatly behind the Star. Overall, I'm a big fan of the huge Merc star - I think Merc is the only brand that has been able to execute a huge logo with class and sportiness.

MULTIBEAM LED is also standard on the top trim. The obvious brilliant lighting aside, their little dance animation on start-up brings a smile to my face every single time!

One of the best angles!

19" AMG rims riding on low-profile Conti run flats look fantastic but do take a toll on ride quality. Also standard spec.

Not the most spacious boot, but hey the seats fold for that once-in-a-while airport run. Boot lid with power open/close and hands-free access (A boon when carrying numerous shopping bags on the monthly grocery haul) - Also standard on top trim.

The 200bhp workhorse.

More Pics:

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