Reviving my Yamaha Fazer 150 after neglecting it for a couple of years

I have no experience or technical knowledge when it comes to bikes.

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Hi folks, I own a 2009-10 Yamaha Fazer 150cc(FZ16 with a fairing).

It was properly maintained until the last couple of years when it got neglected due to personal commitments.

Now, again the motorcycling bug has bit me & I plan on using it only for touring.

I have no experience or technical knowledge when it comes to bikes, so expert advice would be highly appreciated. My endeavour is to revive/restore it to its brand new stock-like glory & DIY wherever possible.

I have started working on it & have done the following:

  • Replaced the Battery, Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Cleaned the Carburettor
  • Cleaned the AIS(air induction system)
  • Tappets adjusted
  • Wheel Bearings cleaned & lubed
  • Replaced Choke cable
  • Replaced Tyres
  • Cleaned Starter motor
  • Replaced Brake Pads
  • Replaced some Cosmetic parts
  • Replaced front Fork oil & Seals
  • Replaced front Brake Fluid

To be done:

  • Swingarm Lubrication/Inspection
  • Replace Airfilter & hose
  • Replace Clutch & Throttle Cable
  • Replace Front Fork spring

Since I'll be using it for solo touring, what all other things I must repair/replace/lube, keeping the motorcycle's age in mind, so that chances of breakdown are negated & I can be at relative ease?

Here's what BHPian aviator1101 had to say on the matter:

Hello Sir, firstly nice bike u own and for a 13/14 year old bike, it looks very well maintained.

Since it's already 13 years old, you may like to check the following parts also:

  • Petrol tank (for rust)
  • Fuel cock (as it starts leaking from here)
  • Fuel pipeline (they harden and tend to crack)
  • Spark plug (for condition and change if required).
  • You have not mentioned any prior experience in touring, so I assume you are about to start from a scratch. Hence the undermentioned suggestion.

For starting afresh, you need to focus on following things:

  • Riding gear (complete gear all the time) including rain gear
  • Luggage setup (saddlebags or hybrid tailbag + tank bag) depending upon itinerary. You may need to fabricate saddlestays if opting for saddlebags.
  • Provision to carry spare fuel.
  • Additional lights for bike (as per requirement)
  • Mobile holder (for navigation)
  • Tool kit (including chian cleaner, lubricant, inflator and tubeless puncture repair kit)
  • Spares (as deemed necessary, consult the service centre or FNG.

Hope this helps.

Any other suggestion required, please feel free to communicate.

BHPian Mannvvs replied:

Thank you sir. I will add those points to my list.

I have bought a riding jacket, gloves but helmet is due. I tried MT hummer size-M, felt too tight & size-L acc. to the seller was not a right size for me(he could move the helmet up & down while I was wearing it). Might buy something like Axor Brute for the time being until I find a good helmet as I don't want to purchase it online without trying.

I'll definitely keep the other mentioned items in mind.

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