Road rage incident in Gurgaon; cab driver damages my Tata Nexon

In his frustration, he broke the door handle with the request sensor and continued to threaten me.

BHPian RBR recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, I have a similar incident to share.

It was 8:15 am, and I was on my way to my office in Udyog Vihar Phase 4, Gurgaon, driving my Nexon. I made a U-turn from DLF Atria Road towards Delhi, then turned left onto the road leading to Safdarjung Hyundai Showroom and Service. Everything seemed fine until then. Those familiar with the area understand the narrowness of the roads in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. I was in the right lane, preparing to make a right turn.

A white Dzire taxi, which had just dropped someone off at Lloyds Ventures, suddenly cut across towards me from the left, intending to make a right turn before me. Seeing the lack of space, I honked and proceeded with my turn before he could enter my lane. Despite my maneuver, he seemed offended and began hurling expletives and honking. I chose to ignore him and turned left at the T-point. However, he drove recklessly and blocked my path by parking in front of me. I asked him to move, but instead, he charged towards me, threateningly attempting to open my door handle. He tried repeatedly but failed, as I didn't want to let the situation ruin my day. In his frustration, he broke the door handle with the request sensor and continued to threaten me. I remained calm and drove away while he shouted and behaved aggressively. The damage sustained was to the door handle with the request sensor. I've contacted the service station, and they're arranging for a replacement part, which should be installed this or next week.

Reflecting on the situation, I pondered alternative courses of action: Option 1 - Not stopping the vehicle and maneuvering through the wrong side to continue ahead. This might have led him to follow me to my office, but I wouldn't have allowed him to enter the premises. Option 2 - Open the door myself, retrieve my baseball bat, and engage in a confrontation to assert dominance.

However, I prefer to avoid conflicts and confrontations whenever possible. Overall, I can't help but feel disheartened by the damage to my vehicle.

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