Royal Enfield aftermarket alloy disintegrates while riding

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A new video has emerged online, which shows a Royal Enfield rider crash while riding his bike after the front alloy wheel breaks off the hub.

According to a media report, the bike was fitted with aftermarket alloy wheels. The video shows the rider driving at a sedate pace when the wheel fails. The fact that the front wheel failed in such dramatic fashion indicates that the wheel may have been of a lower grade than what is offered by Royal Enfield as stock fitment. 

It is difficult to ascertain whether the wheel had suffered any kind of damage in a previous incident. Cracks in alloy wheels can go unnoticed and could slowly spread through the metal before the wheel fails altogether. Unlike factory fitted wheels, aftermarket wheels may not have gone through the same durability tests and quality checks. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase aftermarket products from reputed brands only.

Source: Rushlane

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