Rs 10 lakh budget: Need a car for city driving & occasional highway use

I'm looking for a petrol car as it will be mostly used for very short runs. I already have a Tata Harrier for long road trips with my family.

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Hello, World!

I'm looking for a new car with an ex-showroom price of under 10 lacs.

It will be primarily a city-based car with occasional highway trips. I also have a Harrier that I'm gonna be using for longer trips with family.

I'm looking for a petrol vehicle because this car is more likely to be used for very short trips say 2-3 km. I'm okay with a manual but prefer a light clutch.

Cars considered

  • Baleno Zeta
  • Ciaz Zeta

I feel Nexa cars have a decent 2nd to top variant with most of the features covered. And the Ciaz zeta comes at 9.99L ex-showroom saving that 2% extra road tax.

Other cars considered

  • Altroz: I feel that 2nd to top variant is missing a lot of features and I have to take the top version pushing the price higher.
  • Jazz: Even more expensive than Altroz.
  • City 5th generation: Have my heart set on it, but even the base model is 2 lacs costlier than the Ciaz zeta. I'm unsure about getting the City for a 20% higher cost when the Ciaz fulfils 90% of my needs.

Please advise me if I should stick to a hatchback, go for a sedan or consider any other cars.

Here's what BHPian Jatin247 had to say about the matter:

Hello, I would suggest you go with Baleno Zeta. You already have a big car and a small hatchback to run errands in the city would be better than a 4.5m long Ciaz. Baleno is well equipped and also offers good mileage.

I am also in the same boat and have booked Baleno myself. We already have Alcazar and we have to let go of our beloved Dzire due to 10 year NCR rule in Delhi.

Here's what BHPian greenhorn had to say about the matter:

Have you tried the punch? Despite the SUV positioning, it's essentially a beefy Wagon R. And the high-end versions would look and feel very familiar if you have a Harrier.

If you are confused between a Sedan and a Hatch, I think you need to give more details on what your considerations are for buying a car - Taken at face value, the need for city use would logically point to a hatch.

Here's what BHPian Flyer had to say about the matter:

For your mentioned usage it will be better to go for a hatchback than a sedan.

My suggestion will be Baleno or Glanza. Jazz is also a good option, but the fuel efficiency will be less than Baleno.

If you're keen on sedans, look for sub-4ms. Amaze will be a good choice.

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