Rs 15K for my used Tata Safari Storme's service: My overall experience

After going to Nexa to get my Maruti Baleno serviced for the last 7 years, visiting a Tata Motors service centre is like going 20 years back in time.

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1st PMS of the truck under me

So ever since I bought the truck, I wanted to get all fluids changed so that for me all counters begin from now.

Woke up yesterday (on a Sunday morning) and called up Keshva Automobiles Nahur West in Mumbai to check if they could accommodate me which they did.

Now after going to a Nexa for 7 years, visiting a TASS is like going 20 years back in time. One large shed where cars are being repaired with a small air-conditioned section where the customer lounge, SA desk and cashier all are stuffed together.

The SA checked on me promptly and I told him what I wanted to get done, I had asked for the following:

Engine oil + oil filter. I was very specific that I want CI4+ oil which is put in BS4 vehicles and not CH4 which is going in BS6 ones. I was very specific that I am ok not getting the oil changed but not ok getting the wrong oil in. They were pretty cool about it and accepted it.

  • Coolant
  • Brake oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Differential Oil
  • Power steering oil
  • Rattling back door
  • Silencer or some loose part under the body
  • AC has a very distinct and loud hissing sound quite frequently when in action. From experience, I know that it points to less AC gas in the system, and that points to a leak somewhere.
  • Brakes touch the disc while taking off which results in a screeching sound from brakes.
  • Elemental cartridge of sedimenter changed. The SA said that is called diesel filter cartridge and he would change that.

SA said that he would check if a differential oil change is needed or not and change accordingly. Regarding AC the mechanic was not available on a Sunday hence that couldn't be done.

The user manual also said that the TVD (torque vibration damper) needs to be changed every 5 years and when I raised this with the SA, he was clueless as to what that is.

To cut the long story short, I was handed over a bill of 10k for spares, 3k labour + GST bringing my total to 15300/- for the service. I am ok with it given that this isn't something that would happen very frequently.

The infamous TASS quality

I got a taste of why TASS service is so poorly rated. Before leaving they gave my truck a wash and ever since that, whenever I am locking my car using the remote lock, after some time the security alarm is going off for no reason. Since coming back, it has gone off 4-5 times and I have no option but to lock the car via the key. I have raised this point to the SA via WhatsApp and have asked him to fix it tomorrow if the problem still persists, let's see what happens.


Overall I rate the TASS as 5/10. Just like every other service station they just do the work you tell them without doing anything extra at all. Would have an excuse ready for anything which you say and they missed. They also do not keep any parts of the Storme and even a power window switch needs to be ordered. The only good thing is that all parts are available on order.


I think a lot of mismanagement of TASS is also due to Tata. If we just look, the sheer number of different platforms that Tata cars are built on is crazy. There is the Indica platform on which the Bolt and Zest are built, then the Aria platform on which the storm and Hexa are built. Then the Nexon platform and then the Harrier, Safari platform. It is sheer confusion for the service center guys and very few have mastery over all the platforms. And because of this almost no customer has a very satisfactory experience with them.

Here's what BHPian kochup had to say about the matter:

Please get the TVD checked and replaced if found wearing out. I was stranded with family once due to TVD getting damaged primarily because TASS ignored checking the TVD during service.

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