Rs 20 lakh to replace my Tata Manza: Do I get a hatchback or sedan

We decided against buying an SUV because of our driveway space constraints.

BHPian Maxton07 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello all, the time has come to replace our decade-old workhorse, Tata Manza. The new car bug started a year back, but now is the time to get it done.


Flexible upto 20L

Why no SUVs?

The biggest reason for deciding against SUVs is our driveway. Our driveway allows the parking of vehicles up to 1760 mm in width. Though it is flexible up to 2700 mm, we need a certain space parallel to the car to get in/out of the two-wheelers. So it puts a full stop to our SUV's dreams. We can modify our driveway, but it would cost us some investments, which won’t be practical.

The reasons behind selecting the Altroz and Verna

Why is a hatch replacing a sedan? (TATA ALTROZ)

We solely need a diesel motor as our running is around 15-20k km per year. Glad that Tata decided not to give up on the diesel for this hatch. Our family consists of four members(Me, Elder bro, Mom & Dad). Last year some major changes happened in our circle. My elder bro decided to do his higher studies abroad, whereas my dad got his job transferred to Pune. The only people who would be using the car are me & my mom. So I decided to standby the Altroz as it proves to be a financially sensible option. It was chosen not only due to the financial sensibilities but also had a soft corner for this one to be possessed as our second car if the demand arises in our circle. It has its own pros and cons too, but it justifies our usage. But if I were to buy the Altroz now, I’d for sure wait for those new features which debuted at the Auto Expo’23. May I know when will these features get their launched in the Altroz? Hoping by April’23 as the features seemed to be production ready at the auto expo.


  • Diesel option
  • Frugal
  • Feature-loaded
  • High-speed manners
  • Solid build & safety


  • Limited boot space as opposed to our Manza, but enough for two.
  • Frequent service intervals
  • No upgrade in terms of power (Our quadrajet has the same power & torque figures)

Why is petrol replacing diesel? (HYUNDAI VERNA)

To be honest, I don’t have any justification to prove my point about opting for the petrol-only Verna. I had booked this car blindly after seeing those design sketches released by Hyundai. As soon as I showed him the car sketches, it got him excited. But this decision was purely made by heart. I too read some polarizing comments about the design, but I kept my personal opinion aside till I see the car in flesh. I sewed my eye on the new lustrous 1.5TGDi motor and hope it would be priced below 20L OTR. The only question which bothers me is the safety quotient. Though it is not right to judge even before its launch, I keep thinking about it, given the history of Hyundai cars. Why is no Slavia or Virtus on my list? Though it ticks the safety quotient, these models still have to be sorted in terms of AC issues, power windows, rattling noises etc., No offence to the current owners, but it's my personal view on these models. I know no car is perfect, but I prefer a car that is at least near to being perfect. The lack of proper audio systems and cost-cutting by these brands are a big no for me. Investing around 18L on a three-pot engine doesn’t justify my heart.


  • Cabin space ( judging by its wheelbase of 2670mm)
  • 1.5TGDi motor
  • Feature loaded
  • Boot space
  • Good ASS


  • Low fuel efficiency
  • Safety is still in?
  • Being a beta tester

Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you in advance

Here's what BHPian CretaKumar had to say on the matter:

I will keep it short and crisp since I have owned a hatchback and I am currently in the market looking for a pre-owned car.

Sedans these days have lost their spark, there was a time when young people used to wish they own an Accord or a civic. Times have flipped and the SUV has completely replaced the sedans.

However, in this ultimate endgame between SUV vs Sedan, Hatchback has not been impacted.

From my experience, Hatchback has a lot of practical sense:

  1. They need less parking space
  2. They can be driven in the city easily
  3. They have better resale value than most sedans

I might have gone a little off-topic. But you have the idea. Sedans are not worth it now.

Here's what BHPian Livnletcarsliv had to say on the matter:

Strictly between your choice of upcoming Verna and Altroz, just my few cents are as follows.

  1. Hyundai's ASS experience and reliability are miles better than Tata's. Even though you come from Manza (I own a 2009 Vista and just sold a lemon Harrier after 3 years), the experience now is still the same (bad), let alone worse than before. This is one good and enough reason for me to go with Hyundai.
  2. Mileage - For your kind of usage of 15K to 20K kms per year, it is either a Diesel or EV only. It is a Diesel if you spend good enough highway times (say >35%). Otherwise, an EV is more than enough for your City drive. Petrol does not make sense at all unless it is an underpowered Maruti. In fact, as the 1.5 turbo petrol looks promising, if it comes out as expected, then it is not for those whose priority is fuel efficiency.
  3. Tata will keep updating the car every 3-6 months with their philosophy "Newer Forever" no matter when you buy. Hyundai (and in fact all the other brands) on the other hand is consistent in its product strategy and update timelines.
  4. Safety, Build Quality & Fun to drive - These are still unknown territories of Verna. So we will have to wait and watch since this is a new-generation Verna. Yes, the Altroz diesel is definitely fun to drive, but it cannot and should not be compared to a Verna. Sedan vs Hatch is not an apple-to-apple comparison.
  5. Finally, the 1.5 Turbo Verna will be at least 70% more expensive than the Altroz. However, it will definitely not be a 70% better car than the Altroz.

Here's what BHPian lamborghini had to say on the matter:

The biggest doubt around the Verna would be the safety on offer, though it seems to be a very promising package otherwise.

Long-term ownership reports: The majority of users are a happy lot with Hyundais though a few have faced niggles with regard to paints, etc.

If safety and ease of ownership are a concern, I would also look at the Honda City. It is no scorcher like the Verna claims to be, but it is a well-balanced rounded family sedan that will keep you happy for years to come.

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