Rs 30.5K Metzeler tyres for my Triumph Tiger 800 with 24.5K km on odo

These are the same tyres that I got previously sometime in late 2020 & at that time, they had cost me around Rs 23,000.

BHPian Axe77 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Tiger finally got new shoes. It's now on its third set - Metzelers (80:20 tyres) - same as the second set. This change came a couple of thousand km earlier than I would have expected, partly because the front had some cuts inside it which had rendered it virtually unusable. In fact, it had to be removed and a stop-gap tyre was put by Shaman which was lying around with them because the cut tyre was constantly leaking air.

The bike was all but grounded for almost two months since I didn’t want to take on anything beyond a short city ride (short city rides have also reduced thanks to rains - if one is going to get wet, it's nicer to have a longer ride).

The last set cost me about ~23k give or take, sometime in late 2020 and at about 13k km. This one cost me an eye-watering 30.5k. Prices of tyres have just exploded thanks to the crunched import quota into India combined with stiffer shipping prices and whatnot. Tyres were date stamped May 2022 so they’re recent thankfully. The situation is so pathetic that I have actually just picked up my next set for the Multistrada already which I expect will be due for a change sometime later this year. Don’t want to be left waiting in case the set is not available when I actually need it.

Some pics below. Odometer reads at 24,440 km at the time of change.

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