Rs 35 lakh: Perfect SUV to upgrade from my Hyundai Creta

A bad experience with the Skoda Laura 6 years back, has forced me to stay away from European cars altogether.

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Hi all,

Need some advice on a new car for my dad. Currently, he has a nearly 6 years old Hyundai Creta SX+ Diesel Manual which has nearly completed 1.5L km and we are planning on replacing it in the next 3-4 months with an SUV/Compact SUV/MUV and have a budget of ~Rs 35L (ex-showroom).

Some constraints/expectations:

  • Mostly used for Highway(70%) driving in and around Gurgaon and the rest of the time in the city. The roads are bad here, probably a car with good ground clearance should do the job. Monthly usage of about 2500 km.
  • The car will be driven by a chauffeur mostly.
  • Powerful AC for second-row passengers.
  • Diesel AT only.
  • We will definitely keep this car for 9-10 years, so long term reliability and build quality matter a lot.
  • Safety and comfort are very important criteria. Looking for a 4 or a 5 star rated vehicle with 6 or 6+ airbags.
  • 4X4 or an AWD is not needed, have a Thar for that purpose.
  • Features like a sunroof, electronic tailgate, voice commands, Android Auto/Apple Carplay, big touchscreen and other gizmos are good to have features but not necessary.
  • Strictly no European car. Had a really bad experience with Skoda Laura 6 years back. The service cost of the car over 5 years of its ownership was nearly 35% of the on-road price.

Options Considered:

  1. Toyota Fortuner
  2. MG Gloster
  3. Jeep Compass
  4. Kia Carnival
  5. Toyota Innova
  6. Mahindra XUV 700
  7. Tata Harrier/Safari
  8. Hyundai Tucson
  9. Isuzu MU-X
  10. Upcoming 7 seater Jeep Compass/Commander (if it comes by Dec/Jan)

To all the automobile experts here, which car should my dad go for keeping in mind the above constraints.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

I feel the following make good options:

1. Toyota Fortuner / Innova

Simply can’t go wrong with either of the Toyota twins. Nothing special about these cars though beyond a point, but they’ll simply never disappoint.

2, Jeep Meridian

If you can defer this decision by a year, then I think that’s a brilliant option to keep in mind. It will feel more special than the Toyotas and a more spacious package than the somewhat compact Compass.

3. Citroen C5

I’m hesitant to recommend this because it's a one product new company that is already dead on arrival product - overpriced too to boot. But for its core attributes it definitely makes a compelling proposition.

4. MG Gloster

Very plush and luxurious. For 2500 km per month of comfortable, luxurious commuting, it should be high on your list.

5. Hyundai Tucson

Only if you can wait for the next-gen one. Not sure when exactly it’ll launch.

For immediate purchase, I think the Gloster or the Fortuner are your best bets. If you can wait, then the Commander is a very interesting proposition along with the Tucson which should be worth considering alongside the Jeep.

Here's what BHPian abhishek46 had to say on the matter:

For pure back seat usage, nothing beats the Tata Safari.

Not just the seats themselves and the space, it is the way the vehicle demolishes bad patches and maintains its ride quality at all speeds, that sets it apart from others.

The Innova also makes sense and is very comfortable as well.

However, it is a bit down of gadgets & gizmos.

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