Rs 40 lakh budget: Comfortable 5-seater SUV for weekly trips

Our current garage is a Vento (2011), Scorpio (2011), Octavia (2005!), 320D (2016) and S80 (2014). We will be replacing the Scorpio and Octavia with this car.

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Hey Everyone!

I am stuck in a dilemma and no better place to solve that than on here. My last two purchases (320d, S80) have been through this medium and there isn't another one I trust more.

We are a family of 4 (all of us are below 5.6")

In the next 3-4 months, I will be needing a 5 seater SUV/Crossover for my regular (weekly) trips from Ahmedabad-Bharuch. This will have to be chauffeur-driven.

We are also a family that loves our road trips (We haven't done anywhere near enough). Our first question to any vacation is if we can drive and reach the place. Keeping that in mind, we also want this car to be capable of adventurous trips (occasionally). I have recently started studying the Leh-Ladakh routes as well, but I drove off-road, though I have driven long distances.

Keeping the above in mind our priority is safety, A/T and good/comfortable rear seats (we are ok with lesser legroom due to our build).

I have been studying some options for months but I just can't find a car that fits all my criteria. We are looking at a budget of 40L OTR. Our current garage is a Vento (2011), Scorpio (2011), Octavia (2005!), 320D (2016) and S80 (2014). We will be replacing the Scorpio and Octavia with this car.

The cars I have considered are as follows with the main issues with them:

  • Jeep Compass 4*4, Diesel (AT) (overpriced, need some opinions on the rear seat comfort)
  • VW Tiguan 5-seater (Petrol, close to the Kodiaq which looks a bit more premium)
  • Skoda Kodiaq (Petrol, 7 seaters, a size too big for those outstation trips?)
  • Mahindra XUV700 (7 seaters, too expensive for a Mahindra)
  • Hyundai Tucson (too outdated considering the newer model sells in other countries)
  • BMW X1/Volvo XC40 (Rear seats, not sure about taking it for the adventurous trips, no AWD)

I am not sure about the rear seat comfort of the Compass and Tiguan. Another issue with the Compass and the XUV is the prices starting at 18/12 L and plonking almost double those amounts on the same car (different model). Though this is a mental block, I don't see it being an issue at all.

Considering year-end discounts are about to commence, I feel like this could be the right time to buy a car unless we finalize the Kodiaq (launch January 2022).

The other option is to use the S80 as a highway cruiser and get a Compass for the outstation trips. Would love your thoughts on the safety and practicality of a Sedan on the Highways (like the Baroda expressway).

Would love your opinions. In a way, I feel like I might have to end up buying two different cars since the use case is so different but would really want to avoid that.

Edit: Please let me know if I have missed out on any details/requirements. Would be happy to answer any questions.

Here's what BHPian Hayek had to say on the matter:

Think the choice set you have identified is the right one - the only other model you could consider is the Citroen C5. I would not look at the X3 or the Volvo given you already have their sedan equivalents - getting marginally higher ground clearance is not worth buying a new car.

If you want to buy something today, the only choices you have are the Jeep Compass, the Hyundai Tucson and the Citroen C5. The XUV wait periods are going to be way too long (unless you are going in for some kind of fix to bypass the queues), and who knows when exactly the Kodiaq and Tiguan will be launched.

I think the Compass rightly belongs in one segment below the other cars in your comparison set but will likely be the best off-roader of the lot. The Tucson is long in the tooth but offers the best value equation while the C5 is an interesting product that may work well given the height of your family members.

I think the Tiguan and the Kodiaq will be much better than any of these, so perhaps you continue with your existing fleet until they are launched. And I don’t think driving an S80 on the Baroda Ahmedabad expressway will be any problem at all - seems like the perfect option given the imperfect set of alternatives you have access to.

Here's what BHPian AnandB had to say on the matter:

If Ladakh is an important criterion then you have to consider BS6 diesel DPF issues. I have read at least 2 members who had these issues recently. One in a Tucson and the other in Fortuner. DPF issues will happen in hilly areas where you don't have consistent speed and high altitude locations.

I just completed my Ladakh trip in BS4 Kodiaq diesel two weeks back and the car performed way better than I was expecting. My travelogue should be up in few days. Petrol will give less FE but as a car, I would rate Kodiaq top of that list.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

My gating question is how important is Leh Ladakh grade touring important and realistic. Let me respond by assuming this car will be used for long driving holidays and regular highway trips that are not Leh Ladakh grade abuse.

For this, I think your best choices from currently available options are the Compass, Tiguan, Tucson and the C5. If you decide to do a one-off Leh trip, you can seriously consider hiring a specific purpose Thar or Fortuner from Chandigarh as I am assuming this will be more a one-off than a regular feature.


It’s a hint too small for its price but otherwise a lovely, mature sophisticated machine. Comes at a premium but will be the toughest of the options I’ve listed. For four people the Compass is extremely comfortable with lovely rear seats


Long in the tooth and on the verge of a makeover. But other than that it is a solid product, reliable for touring purposes and also available at a bargain currently.


Fresh facelift I’m told is literally just a month away. Sophisticated petrol engine and will be the perfect size for your family. Please do consider whether the ride quality is acceptable in the facelift. Some have mentioned it is a tad too harsh. It’s definitely not something I would choose for overly adventurous driving holidays where the terrain is too rough or offroad.

Citroen C5

An excellent product but way overpriced and a certified dud. I’d any day pick the Compass over this although it is a hint bigger in size and has excellent ride quality. A new brand failed model and limited dealer spread (which is presumably bleeding and unhappy at the moment). This is not a product I’d buy or honestly recommend but if that doesn’t bother you it definitely fits the bill standalone on the product front.

If you can wait:

The Jeep Commander (3-row Compass) and the Kodiaq should also be on your list. The Kodiaq might just make the cut on your timeline with a rumoured launch slated for Jan 2022.

I would not consider the XUV / X1 / Volvo XC40 for the budget/end-use/requirements that you have. They are either not premium enough for your use and budget (XUV) or don’t offer enough value for what you want to use it for (X1 / XC40).

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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