Rs 5 lakh budget: Replacing my XUV500 with a used premium car

It should not feel like a downgrade from my XUV500. Some of my options include the Honda Accord, Suzuki Kizashi & Hyundai Sonata.

BHPian DarKizashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello guys, I need to buy a new car and hence am turning to the experts at Team-BHP to guide me.

I have a 2017 XUV500 but I am soon going to be relocating abroad and hence, selling it off. I need a car which will be used for the next year and then I'll move abroad.

My budget is about 5 lakhs and I need a pre-owned car that doesn't feel like a downgrade from my XUV. Don't get me wrong, I know I can't expect a car like the XUV for 5 lakhs, but looking at the premium sedans of '12 - '14, they have all the features, if not more, my XUV has to offer. Basically, I'd rather buy a '13 Kizashi than an '18 Swift.

Cars like the '12 Accord, '10 Kizashi, '12 Sonata can easily be found for under 5 lakhs and have a lot going for them, both in terms of space and features. These cars also have powerful engines so that's a plus.

As for some more factors to consider:

  • Roads in Chandigarh are in decent shape so it won't be driven on bad roads too often, just the occasional potholes here and there.
  • Reliability is a must, I don't want the car to spend most of its time in a workshop.
  • Not really interested in cars older than 2010.
  • No restrictions other than that, (automatic, manual, petrol, diesel, sedan, SUV) I can live with anything.

So are there any under-the-radar cars that offer a lot of bang for the buck which I can consider?

Here's what BHPian libranof1987 had to say about the matter:

You have a fairly contemporary XUV500, why change that just for a year? You're moving abroad, and unless you're going to be in a high-cost metro like London/NYC or Singapore, you'll be able to afford a new/newer premium car much easier than in India.

In 5 lakhs, you'll get really, really old examples and in the year that you intend to own it, you wouldn't want to spend your time fixing niggles. Sure, an Accord/Camry might be reliable but they're so barebones, even your XUV will feel premium. Just giving you a different perspective.

Here's what BHPian kurmist had to say about the matter:

I am on my third Honda Accord right now. Earlier owned the 2003 MY 2.4 AT, then the 2006 MY 3.0 V6 AT and currently own the 2012 3.5 V6 AT. All of them have been pre-owned beauties.

If the choice is between the Sonata, Civic, Superb or Accord, I would always go for the Accord. Rock-solid reliability, oodles of space, amazingly comfortable seats, essential safety gear ( 6 airbags, TCS etc in my current V6) and paddle shifts (not that necessary, in my opinion). The engine is a silky smooth unit with adequate power (2.4) while the 3.5 V6 is a beast with a Jekyll & Hyde character (thanks to the cylinder deactivation tech which still works fine on my 10-year-old car). If you stick to the regular maintenance schedule of every 6 months, these are fairly reliable cars too and you can drive with complete peace of mind.

Some caveats to keep in mind though:

  • Accords are no longer sold in India, however, due to their global popularity, I have not faced any parts issue to date.
  • Be prepared for staggering fuel bills. My 3.5 V6 gives an average of 5-6 kmpl with sedate city driving. With petrol prices being where they are. The good news is the car doesn't need high octane. Regular gas is fine.
  • The only gripe is the hydraulic steering system which usually starts leaking at the pump. Also, ancillary rubber pipes tend to harden and crack, leading to leakages. The good news is that this is a relatively easy fix done by any competent mechanic.
  • Get a good independent garage to service / repair your car. Dealer services can be very expensive.
  • Tends to have a soft, floaty suspension (comfort-oriented) which may not inspire confidence at higher speeds. After-market dampers etc are easily available to sort this out.

Good condition, late model (2011 - 2013) cars are available for Rs. 5 - 7 lakhs for Mumbai registered cars. V6 prices tend to fluctuate based on the condition (sometimes these are badly used/abused). Check Carwale for prices.

Get the car vetted by a trusted mechanic before you commit. Even if there is some work to be done on the prospective car don't get put off. Most regular repairs are not that hard on the wallet.

Good luck on your search and wish you many happy miles with this beauty!

Here's what BHPian AJ56 had to say about the matter:

2010 2.4L Accord owner here, in 65k km the only issue I’ve had (as have many others) is a leaking hydraulic steering pump, fixed easily by my trusted mechanic. It’s the most reliable car you can buy for 5L. 2011 and up got the facelift with cruise control, sunroof and ESP being added to the non V6 variants, so if going for 2.4L, spring for post-2011 models. Interior quality is much better than Camry’s from the same years. Also, has a lot of space at the rear. My only complaint is the lack of steering mounted audio controls, but that’s about it. Make sure you get the car checked thoroughly at a Honda dealership before buying. Pay special attention to the hydraulic steering rack and pump seals, as it’s a weak point. Cheers.

Here's what BHPian TorqueMonster had to say about the matter:

I would just like to give a warning that the Accord and Sonata were 20 Lakh cars when they were new, so expect service costs and spares accordingly. But thankfully, your budget excludes complicated Germans, which have too many electronic issues. So, even despite my initial warning, I think you can buy a vehicle of this segment.

My personal choice would be the Accord. It is a tried and tested vehicle all over the world, with it being spacious and feature-rich, while also being extremely reliable. Moreover, the same 2.4 engine was there in the CR-V which means that when compared to niche offerings like the later-gen Sonata and the Kizashi, you will have a decent spare availability. If you feel adventurous, you could always buy a V6 Accord, but I would still recommend you to stick to the 2.4.

The Kizashi and Sonata are great cars but put them up against the Accord and they falter massively. You could also see the Elantra (a downgrade to the Accord but reliable) if you want a slightly newer car. Stay away from the Superb, that is one car best bought new, and not used at 5 lakhs.

Here's what BHPian krishnakumar had to say about the matter:

Just curious to know why you wouldn't retain the XUV5OO for a year more until it's time for you to move? You'll probably lose a lot less in terms of further depreciation. This option, to me, not just feels more financially prudent but also hassle-free.

Assuming you have other reasons for selling it off right away and getting a temporary car for the interim, explore the options of subscriptions as well before you decide on buying a used car. The subscriptions may be a little higher but you can forget about maintenance and selling it later.

Here's what BHPian KungFuPanda had to say about the matter:

Would you want to consider a lovely, pre-loved Skoda Yeti that is there on our Team-BHP classifieds? I would happily lap it up if I could.

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