Rumour: Alfa Romeo's Stelvio-based hybrid SUV to rival Q7, X5


Alfa Romeo has revealed plans for a large SUV that will rival the likes of BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. It is also rumoured that the Italian sports car maker will also venture into the electric / hybrid car space for the first time with this car.

According to the rendered images, the new SUV will get a longer wheelbase than the current Stelvio. It is expected to weight around 200 kg more than the Stelvio, but the addition of an e-turbo based mild hybrid system could maintain the same performance for the larger SUV.

Alfa Romeo believes that a plug-in hybrid system may not align with the company's thoughts, but a 48V mild hybrid system could be incorporated into the new SUV. Further, the new car will be based on the Stelvio architecture and make about 350-400 BHP from its 2.0-litre engine.

The new SUV is also expected to get a 7-seat layout and will be launched sometime after two years. The media report also mentions that the Giulietta replacement will follow this X5 rival and the company is also looking at options for the next iteration of the 4C sports car, including new underpinnings and an engine.

Source - AutoExpress

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