Rumour: Jawa bikes to use 300 cc Mahindra Mojo engine


Mahindra is gearing up to re-introduce the Jawa brand in India. According to a recent media report, the Jawa bikes will use the existing 300 cc engine platform that currently powers the Mahindra Mojo.

Mahindra plans to pit the Jawa and BSA branded bikes against Royal Enfield in India. In the past, these motorcycles have been known for their 250 and 350 cc engines. Reports suggest that the 300 cc, single-cylinder, liquid cooled engine that powers the Mojo is based on a scalable platform, which would allow the brand to develop smaller or higher capacity versions of the engine. 

Lacklustre sales of the Mojo mean that the engine platform has been underutilized. Offering variations of this engine on the upcoming Jawa motorcycles would help Mahindra recover the money invested in developing it. Also, utilizing an existing engine would reduce the development costs for the Jawa brand. 

Mahindra recently launched a carburetted version of the 300 cc engine on the Mojo UT300 - a cut-price variant of the Mojo XT300 which comes with a fuel-injected engine. The engine produces 22.7 BHP @ 7,500 rpm and 25.2 Nm of torque @ 5,500 rpm. That said, it is still unclear whether Jawa would use the carburetted version or the latter on its bikes.

Source: Autocar Professional

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